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What is THC


What is THC

  What is THC

What is THC

  What is THC What is THC – Is the active ingredient in the cannabis plant, psychoactive effects, many physiological and mental. How can we use it to our needs and how exactly the THC is used as a cure for cancer? What are its advantages and disadvantages? And whether in fact we all have a long-standing personal acquaintance with cannabis? So many questions exist about the THC qualities, no wonder that throughout the media will find countless different sources of information, in this article, we gathered pieces of information that meet current scientific and clearly the question of what THC and how it might change your life for the better, enjoy.
What is THC – Cannabis an integral part of our lives
Certificate of medical cannabis usage history for over thousands of years, nevertheless, only recently was approved for medical purposes. Many of us do not know that in fact, we all have personal knowledge of the local hardware with cannabis are produced naturally in the human body, these substances are called “cannabinoids” (Endocannabinoids) and they were first discovered while exposing a new system for the transfer of nerve signals in the brain. Disclosure presence of a receptor (“receptors”) that the brain has led researchers to detect on the production and use of cannabinoids naturally in the human body. This system is called the “system H”andoknbinoaidit” and is responsible for clearing the cannabinoids that the human body naturally produces. As part of the most recognized cannabinoid cannabis is also the THC and CBD. These are the active ingredients in the cannabis plant and with the psychoactive effects of many physiological and which will expand and counted later.
What is medical marijuana
Medical cannabis is actually cannabis plant flowers/marijuana. Active ingredients in the cannabis plant cannabinoid family fall into two main groups and they tell me the names -THC and CBD, both of which have anti-viral properties and are part of the immune system of the plant. Besides, each of these materials has different effects, the THC responsible for creating the effect of “calming” of the human body and therefore known to calm the effectiveness and reduce pain. In contrast, the CBD is the second main component of the plant and is not psychoactive effects of THC as a friend, however the CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help suppress inflammation in the human body and the body of the plant, many studies show that it has the effects of antipsychotic and may help reduce symptoms of various mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

What is THC – THC might change your life for the better

What is THC – Uses, and effects of THC
THC or full name “Ttrahidroknabinol” is mainly used for numbing pain. Its effects on the human body include analgesia due to the slowdown in the flow of the fixed track pain, fatigue due to extreme changes in pulse and blood pressure, as well as stimulation of hunger. In addition, mental effects usually manifest themselves in how people “see” the world, with THC affects will begin to feel more calm and relaxed, we can look objectively at what is happening around and we can explore new angles unusual situations. If Negad together these two main aspects, mental and physical, we can understand the big picture about the importance of dealing cannabis. The THC actually used as part of active treatment process in a wide range of diseases such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, migraines, PTSD, depression, arthritis, schizophrenia, AIDS, diabetes and many more. Yeah well, there is widespread use of cannabis to treat neurological problems such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and spasms problems and disabilities including mobility due to the rapid relief of disease symptoms different. The findings suggest that the treatment and a speedy return to normal in patients suffering from recurrent seizures. This is perhaps the truest proof of the effectiveness of the treatment. In fact to date no reports of anyone who suffered death due to excessive consumption of natural materials, no evidence of tolerance, abuse or addiction when using for medical treatment.
How THC helps cancer patients
Many ask why THC is an important element in the process of treatment and recovery of cancer patients? The answer is Pan Pan physical and mental well due to the influence of cannabis on these two aspects. Include the positive effects of the THC categories:
What is THC – THC- kills cancer cells
What is THC –
The THC has already proven itself slayer cancer cells despite global pharmaceutical companies still for him to admit it. Click here attached video you can watch how the cancer cells are eaten by the THC oil while leaving the healthy cells live. THC compound contains “phenol” which gives it the characteristics of “antioxidant”. This feature gives the material option for protecting healthy cells of the body’s major systems and may delay the natural aging process, healthy cells. For cancer patients is a tremendous finding necessary and can be life-saving. THC- reduces abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy
THC provides a few other positive Services for cancer patients, such as abdominal pain reduction and nausea which caused chemotherapy. Many cancer patients lose their appetite and deal with repeated vomiting and nausea during chemotherapy many as cannabis bringing them back on track, reduces severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and triggers the desire to eat again.
THC- appetizing
Food and water are important ingredients for proper functioning and a healthy body. This is not a new finding, in fact we all know that the physical body needs constant nourishment and enough food to recover from various illnesses. Cancer patients are faced with loss of appetite making it difficult for their healing process, sometimes leading them to anorexia. Cannabis is known as qualities and advantages sons include the stimulation of desire and appetite, giving cancer patients the possibility of strengthening the basic right to reaching a balanced consumption of water and food.
THC- Anesthetic Pain
Another effect of THC is floating and the anesthetic effect it gives when you use, this effect is life-changing effects for cancer patients. The THC allows cancer patients to live “almost routine” by analgesia mild to moderate, to succeed to communicate without experiencing convulsions, difficult breathing or other pain symptoms that could be caused by the disease and because of difficult treatments. Although the THC to provide patients with a mild anesthetic effect is temporary but effective enough to create a lasting impact.
THC- improves mood
If that’s not enough to convince you that the THC is the right answer for cancer patients is desirable to remind and talk about the mental pan, cannabis as medicine may improve mood and commitment to facilitate the symptoms of clinical depression. Cancer patients often deal with existential questions, and many image problems depressive symptoms reach a state of mind where they were in during the illness, however, many patients report that cannabis use has been an active and meaningful part of their rehabilitation process. THC- facilitates the process of falling asleep
Cancer patients are faced with another phenomenon caused by their mental state and insomnia. Often they find themselves in the corridors of hospitals travelers with nothing to do, despite Tsisotm much they can not find peace in mind and body. Sleep becomes irregular and non-process becomes more difficult to fall asleep at a time, sometimes they “lose consciousness” of pain and fall into a deep sleep and other times you stay up “chained to the bed” because of the great pain. Cannabis eliminates all of these symptoms by blurring that eases the process of falling asleep. So that cancer patients can enjoy a good sleep and strengthens.

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