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Cure for cancer – Rick Simpson oil

Rick Simpson oil – Studies have been approved – Rick Simson oil cures cancer! How fat do this? And how Rick Simson discovered the world’s most desired remedy? Tell the personal story of Rick Simson unique way in search of a way to be cured of cancer, we understand what are the differences between chemotherapy treatments cannabis oil, which impacts, advantages and disadvantages of each, all of this article.
Rick Simpson oil –
Rick Simson story
It all started when Ben Uncle Rick was diagnosed with cancer, he watched his cousin’s favorite falling normative weight to weight, Rick was present at all stages of deterioration, but refused to believe that there is no cure for cancer. Two years after he lost his cousin to cancer, while listening to the radio overheard about the study found that THC has the ability to reduce the development of tumors in the brains of mice. Rick stopped his car in disbelief, this was no joke, the research initially funded by the National Institutes of Health tried to prove at all that contradicts that marijuana damages the immune system, which was discovered completely discredited. It turns out that the World Anti-Drug Authority heard about the study and hurried to silence and hide the findings. From that moment on, private companies worldwide get control and became responsible for the legality of cannabis, so to this day, the plant has become taboo and forbidden for public use. From there it took a while, Rick went on in his life, until the day it passed the critical work accident, the same day Rick’s life did not return their order. His head began to ache, Rick lost his memory and his ears were ringing strong, no medication was not working. Rick turned to cannabis after doctor’s recommendation failure to recognize the effectiveness of cannabis black market contact Rick, Rick began to smoke cannabis and it worked like a charm. But still did not understand why Rick doctor refuses to prescribe medical marijuana, despite a significant relief of symptoms, when he realized the health system gave up on him, according to his words, he began to produce oil and use cannabis medically itself. Over time, you could see a huge difference, the empty weight stabilized, the pain has decreased and more cannabis-oil helped him control the pain, Rick went back to sleep nights and look younger and healthier than ever before. Now empty constant monitoring body, examined his mental state and physical state continuously, in 2003 Rick revealed a change in the patches of birth who lived with them all lived, after been surgically sent for biopsy, the doctor said that this skin cancer, Rick did not wait and apply on the scars left by the birthmark Cannabis oil distilled, just four days after the wounds have healed, the redness disappeared and any sign of the presence of scars disappeared. If this was not a moment that changed the history of Doron to call Rick, Rick Simson, despite the joy of many, tumors resumed growth in place of the previous blank when I understood the process, apply again and again the name suggests cannabis produced, despite the vehement opposition of the hospital, doctors and nurse, Rick continued self-treatment and the cancer disappeared with him. Rick went off to take care of his mother who suffered from a skin disease named – psoriasis, you already can guess what happened, sores, scaly skin and Hhtklfoiot stopped and disappeared. Rick began to distribute the oil for free to anyone who needs it, people with arthritis, cancer patients and those with various disorders. Until today, after a long struggle for recognition of the hemp oil cures cancer as oil, empty dreamed working to uncover the truth.
Rick Simpson oil –
How cannabis oil Rick Simson kills cancer?
Simson empty oil contains large amounts of cannabinoids THC and CBD type, working together in the selection of target eat diseased cells, cancer cells and leave the healthy cells live. One of the things that characterize cancer cells is the ability to get away from our biological death, but despite this, cannabis was able to operate the mechanism of destruction of cancer cells, identification is performed first encounter with the patient’s cell, then becomes a more intimate encounter with THC attacks the cancerous cell and causing it to “commit suicide”. Also, it is known that THC also contains phenolic compounds has bases of antioxidant software, these features delegate the life of cells and maintain the quality of the cell, so that the body antioxidants which effectively provides maximum protection of healthy cells.
Rick Simpson oil –
The difference between chemotherapy and cannabis oil treatment
The advantage of cannabinoids found in cannabis oil chemotherapy is huge, they do not constitute a toxic agent for the human body has not been found to have a negative effect on the body or the mind. So you can clearly conclude that cannabis is the drug most secure, most efficient and healthiest for cancer patients. The negative effects of chemotherapy on the human body often been found to be reversible, which can lead us to understand that the disease killed one and made other related diseases effectively. The negative effects of chemotherapy can be divided into two main factors – long-term effects and immediate effects among them now. The long term effects are most common – stopping growth at a young age, damage to the heart muscle, increasing the chances of developing heart failure in the future, temporary hair loss, infertility, memory impairment, higher chances of the cancer returning and the list goes on … This is a very worrisome finding, which doctors and decision makers are still taking ignored leading to more and more people are suffering while many patients experience after completion of their illness. Not many people know but the most common disease is a cancer chemotherapy’s over blood – leukemia, a disease that develops as a result of chemotherapy treatment tends to be more difficult to treat leukemia “normal”. One in five patients who were treated with chemotherapy, radiation or drugs probably more cancerous tumor will open the first two decades after treatment. However, it does not end here, the immediate effects of chemotherapy are usually those who “end up in the life of the patient” and send him to an untimely death, sons include the following symptoms – nausea and vomiting, hair loss, decreased libido, decreased mood , headache, fatigue, muscle aches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite and so on. In contrast, cannabis oil, not close to any of these ills, all of its beneficial effects were immediate with cancer patients. Studies have already shown that the ability of cannabis to cure cancer and recipients to significantly improve the condition of patients, an improvement that can be seen in a very short time. Cancer patients who prefer to abandon chemotherapy or alternatively receive combination therapy are significantly ease the ills of variance, is regulate sleep cycles and thus helps cancer patients to fall asleep easily, inspires and develops an appetite, prevents vomiting and nausea, revitalizes the skin, raises the mood and blurs pain. Now you tell me, is this not what a cancer patient needs it?

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