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Rick Simpson


Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson – Many people are familiar with the anti-cancer properties of the hemp or cannabis oil. This oil was banned in the second half of the 20th century as a result of the rise of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry.

Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2002 but beat the disease thanks to this oil. Since then he has cured over 5000 people by recommending cannabis oil and is one of the greatest activist for legalizing this oil. In a debate organized in Belgrade, Serbia, he argued that this oil can also cure illnesses like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis, as well as some of the deadliest forms of cancer.

over 5000 people cured of cancer

 Simpson told his story in the Serbian magazine Telegraph. He began by recalling when doctors have given up on him back in 2002 because of the unsuccessful surgery on three pigmented lesions on his face’s skin. But, after years of studying plants as a hobby, he remembered on a study he attended at the University of Virginia on THC, the active component of cannabis that can cure cancer, so he decided to give it a chance. At first there were no visible results, but after few days of keeping his wounds bandaged with cannabis oil, he was surprised! The wounds were gone and the affected skin has regenerated completely! When he told people about this, they laughed at him, but 11 and half years later, he is still cancer-free.

Since then he continued helping people and cured thousands of them. His last case was an 80 years old lung cancer victim. The man was swollen from chemotherapy and barely breathing, so his son being desperate to help his dying father asked for help from Rick. He gave him the oil and after 30 min. the old man started breathing normally. After 6 weeks of cannabis treatment, the man was free from insulin and after 3 months completely cancer-free!

Simpson claims that there is no age limit for giving this oil and that it can help in any type of cancer. To satisfy the quantity of oil he needed Rick started growing marijuana, but his fields were raided 4 times in three years by the police. In 2005 he was imprisoned for 4 days in Canada and fined with 2.000 dollars, and for the irony to be bigger the jurors were people whose family members were cured thanks to his oil. They knew that he is the last person to be fined; he wasn’t even allowed to have 10 of his patients to testify for him. Rick claimed that he never sold marijuana, only the hemp oil whose preparation is quite easy.

The dosage he usually gives to his patients is 60 grams within 90 days. Simpson also says that smoking marijuana may also help, but not as much as consuming the oil. It’s been scientifically proven that people who smoke marijuana live 6 years longer that those who don’t.

“Little is known that cannabis has been used as one of the most healing remedies hundreds of years before Christ. In the ancient Persian religious scripts, which among other things describe the most healing herbs, cannabis takes the first place,” concludes Rick.

 His biggest wish and goal is to live in a world without cancer.

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