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Reasons to use Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Reasons to use Medical Marijuana

Reasons to use Medical Marijuana

Reasons to use Medical Marijuana

Reasons to use Medical MarijuanaReasons to use Medical Marijuana – hemp plant is no longer a rarity in modern medicine, and dozens of countries have already made use of its health completely legal. There are even experts who are beginning to understand the merits and return them recently a chief correspondent for CNN’s Medicine stated that he changed his mind about marijuana and its effects it is exposed to positive.
While the free use of the plant, which is set Currently dangerous, yet very controversial, is there to do illegal or not, lots of people agree with the opinion you became more and more prevalent today that approve the use of medical marijuana legal.
Making drug laws around the world will raise the standard of medical research, its effects on the human body and the uses that may be yet to exceed the effective potential drugs.
Marijuana is often used by smoking, steaming, cannabis oil and swallowing, and there are also synthetic drugs which try to mimic the action of the active ingredients in the plant.
Currently less than 10% of the studies on marijuana applied to the medical aspects. However, keep in mind may be negative effects excessive drug use or not to use medical needs.
Medical use which is done mainly thanks to two active ingredients which have biochemical effects in the body, and they Kanbidiol (CBD), which greatly affects the brain and the immune system without the feeling of ‘floating’ characteristic and tetra-Hidrokanbinol (THC), which affects the central nervous system and the peripheral.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana – glaucoma treatment
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana – Cannabis can be used in the treatment and prevention of eye disease glaucoma, hypertension expressed within the eyeball and the decline in eyesight to the point of its complete loss. Cannabis reduces the pressure inside the eye, studies have been carried out in the seventies, have shown that smoking marijuana reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with normal pressure and patients with glaucoma. This could significantly slow the progression of the disease and the outbreak and thus prevent blindness.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Makes the symptoms of the cancer-causing tobacco and improves lung health
According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2012 Marijuana does not impair lung function and may improve breathing capacity. Researchers who worked on the risk factors of heart disease tested on more than 5,000 young people over the age of 20, and found that among smokers of tobacco output decreased lung capacity with the passage of time, but found that marijuana smokers can better lung performance. Raised speculation is possible thanks to the deep lungs exhale while smoking marijuana and not necessarily due to which A chemical healers.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Helping to control seizures
A 2003 study in which Professor Robert De Lorenzo of the University of Virginia gave marijuana extracts epileptic mice. The result was 10 hours without seizures, such as the THC- cannabinoids control the seizures of this type having attachment using brain cells responsible for the control and regulation of states of relaxation and excitement.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Reduces symptoms of severe attacks called syndrome Drost
While investigations to create a series of articles on the subject of marijuana on CNN revealed her family that parents treat their daughter 5-year-old medical cannabis and is rich in CBD and low in THC. Daughter, who is sick Droost syndrome, which causes severe seizures and normal growth inhibition. As revealed in the movie the drug reduced the frequency of seizures than $ 300 a week to once every seven days. Following exposure to the drug for children was expanded further. Doctors who recommend the treatment say that the active call brain cells responsible for the attacks. However, it seems that the institution responsible for the treatment of this disease and the American Anti-Drug Authority are still encouraging the use of cannabis as a treatment.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Materials are marijuana arrest the spread of cancer
CBD active substance is to inhibit the spread of tumors by eliminating activity gene called ld-1. The study, published in Molecular cancer therapy cult, found that cancer cells expressing this gene than non-cancerous cells and helps them develop new metastases. The researchers also examined breast cancer cells in the laboratory, which demonstrated a high amount of body and treated in the CBD and were less aggressive and Dominntim.bsdrt investigations mentioned above were also exposed to studies carried out in the United States, Spain and Israel itself which showed a cannabinoid compounds are able to kill cancer cells.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Medical Cannabis reduces anxiety levels
People who use marijuana regularly argue that it helps them reduce stress and suppress Bhilot- two major side effects appear when starting to use Bcimottrfih and one of the main reasons to use medical marijuana today. Harvard researchers suggested in 2010 that some of the virtues of the drug may stem from a decrease in anxiety, which improves the patient’s mood and acts as a relief at lower doses.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  THC inhibits the development of Alzheimer’s
Cannabis may slow Alzheimer’s disease, one of the more common diseases and destructive among older people. A 2006 study published in the US found that THC slowed the formation of amyloid plaque that kills brain cells and cause disease by blocking an enzyme in the brain that produces it.
TReasons to use Medical Marijuana –  he drug eases the pain of multiple sclerosis
A Canadian study that examined dozens of MS patients found that after smoking marijuana felt less pain in the muscles after other drugs have failed to affect equally. THC Cannabis binds to receptors in the muscles and nerves and regulates the electrical signal transmitting pain, also offered the possibility that the material helps control muscle deformities.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Reduces side effects in treating hepatitis C and increased treatment efficiency
Treatment of hepatitis C is generally pleasant and include fatigue, nausea, muscle aches, loss of appetite, and depression, and it may last for months, causing many people to stop treatment before completion. But even here it’s cannabis rescue: a 2006 study European magazine gastric and Hepatology managed to reach 86% of patients use cannabis and were able to complete their treatment until the end, while only 29% of patients who were not taking marijuana completed. This is because marijuana reduces side effects and helps patients suffering monthly transfer. It also found significant differences in efficacy and percentage of people who smoked marijuana maintained a low level of disease infection was much higher than the patients who did not use marijuana.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Marijuana treats inflammatory bowel disease
Nottingham University scientists discovered in 2010 that chemicals in marijuana interact with cells in the body that play an important role in intestinal function and immune responses. THC-shaped molecules that are produced naturally in the body increased intestinal permeability, allowing the entry of the bacteria inside. Cannabinoid compounds in plants blocking the dummy’s body and prevent the increasing permeability and cause intestinal cells to create a denser layer.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Relieves discomfort in the joints
Doctors gave patients with joint problems Sativex, a drug based on the plant cannabinoid is used as a painkiller, after a period of two weeks, patients reported significant reduction in pain and better sleep quality relative to patients who received placebo (dummy drug).
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  12 reasons to use medical marijuana
In the event that you did not convince the previous article, here are 12 more reasons to make you understand why medical marijuana can be a drug that would save you.

Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  It keeps you slim and helps the metabolism
A study published in the journal American Medical pointed out that cannabis users with a BMI (body mass index) is less than the average person and have a healthy metabolism more, as well as a healthy response than sugar, even though people think they eat in the end more calories because “Hmantz ‘ s “theirs. The study surveyed more than -4500 adults, of whom 600 current marijuana smokers, meaning smoked in the last month, about 2000 of which used to smoke in the past, while the other -2000 never tried. Check the body’s response to sugar consumption, including the levels of the hormone insulin and sugar in the blood after not eating for 9 hours and immediately after eating. And found that marijuana smokers only thinner, their bodies also reacted better than sugar.
This alleviates the symptoms of lupus, an autoimmune disease
Medical marijuana is used to treat the autoimmune disease called systemic lupus erythematosus Hebrew, which is caused when the body’s immune system begins to operate and harm the body itself, with no known cause. Several marijuana ingredients, especially the CBD, induce a calming effect on the immune system and believe that by helping treat the symptoms of the disease, moreover, use also eases pain and nausea accompany the disease.

Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Cannabis stimulates creativity in the brain
Contrary to popular belief about the stereotypes of marijuana, its use has been shown to be useful for many rather mental aspects, especially in terms of raising creativity. Although short-term memory may be adversely affected when smoking itself, people are able to reach higher results on tests that require them to think of new ideas. One study examined deal and the ability to think of different words related to a particular topic, and found that cannabis use has allowed people to think in a broader range of subjects. It seems that cannabis use causes the brain to better identify remote associations that lead to new ideas in particular. Other studies have also indicated that the verbal expression ability of people after smoking was higher. The part of the enhanced creativity might be attributed to the secretion of dopamine in the brain, which is part of the release of inhibitions and cause a general feeling more relaxed, which gives the brain to grasp things a little differently.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Use of cannabis may help treat Crohn’s disease
Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes among other things a lot of pain, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and more. But a recent study that was done in Israel showed that smoking one joint significantly reduces the symptoms are felt in 10 of 11 Holif and began the process of complete regression of the disease in five patients. Though this is a small study, but were made to similar studies with similar results. Cannabinoids in marijuana appear to help regulate the intestines of its bacterial activity
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Reduces vibration for people with Parkinson’s
Another study found that smoking marijuana Israel dramatically reduces seizures and pain and helps sleep people whose Parkinson’s disease. Particularly impressed by the improvement in fine motor abilities among patients. Medical cannabis laws in Israel to a limited number of diseases and symptoms, so many studies done in the country to develop further the use of the drug.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Cannabis helps soldiers suffering from PTSD
US Department of Health recently announced that it intends to investigate the therapeutic potential of cannabis inherent part of the treatment of soldiers who have symptoms of PTSD. The use Bmrihonh part of the treatment of soldiers has been approved in several countries in the United States, New Mexico, for example, is the reason number 1 on it they are granted the use of medical cannabis, but this is the first time that the US government approves the proposal to use marijuana smoking, currently categorized as a drug with no medical applications. THC with cannabinoids that occur naturally in the body, helping to mitigate the system which causes anxiety and stress in the body and the brain, making it easier to hospital.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Marijuana protects the brain after a heart attack
Nottingham University study showed that marijuana torso to help keep the brain injury caused during a heart attack, by reducing the area that was hit, it went findings in mice and monkeys in experiments. This finding not only that business activities that relate to maintenance of the system Hnoiorolgit body using cannabis, according to other studies which claim that the plant helps to protect the brain after traumatic events, such as a concussion.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  This may protect the brain from trauma and concussion
There is some evidence that marijuana can help heal the brain after a concussion or another traumatic injury. A recent study in the Journal deals with neuroscience, published an article which demonstrated that mice marijuana reduced the vulnerability of brain injury and help the healing mechanism after traumatic injury. Harvard professor named Lester Grinspoon Send A year ago a letter from the NFL, NFL, which called on the administration to stop checking players regarding the use of marijuana, and advised them to begin to fund research which will test the ability of the plant to protect the brain from damage which are very common in sports It. “Already there are many doctors and studies believe that marijuana are strong Noirotrfiot features, information based on clinical data and the laboratory experiments,” he writes. NFL president said he would allow the use of marijuana when she officially proved useful and feature-Noirotrfiot
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  It can help stop nightmares
You have difficulty falling asleep at night? Medical cannabis can be your solution to sleep well. The explanation for this finding may be a bit complicated because it includes both positive and negative effects together. Marijuana interferes with our sleep cycles of interference by the later stages of REM stage sleep cycle that includes rapid eye movement. When it comes to long-term use, this can be problematic, since there is a continuous need good sleep to save health. But people who suffer from nightmares of a lengthy, especially those Hmksorim post trauma, it can be very useful, because nightmares and other dreams are these stages of sleep. The REM interrupted when most dreams do not occur. A study examined the effects of THC-like substance found a sharp drop in the number of nightmares in people with post-trauma. Also, even if marijuana use might be harmful to sleep, it is still better than other drugs are on the market now, but more research is needed on this topic.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Marijuana reduces pains and nausea, which are created as a result of chemotherapy treatments
One of the most common medical uses of marijuana is currently handling the side effects caused by chemotherapy treatments, which are often cancer patients. Cancer patients suffer from pain, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, things could entail more medical problems taken care of. Cannabis, especially cannabis oil, or oil Rick Simpson, can reduce these side effects and improve the quality of life of patients. In addition, there are quite a few drugs that use THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, for these purposes as well.
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  Marijuana can help people who are trying to avoid excessive drinking
Marijuana is safer than alcohol, even though it is not entirely free of adverse effects, but is much less addictive and does not cause physical harm alcohol causes liver. Addictions to alcohol include endocannabinoid system disorders, and therefore many believe that it was the use of cannabis which operates, among other things, on the same system, may greatly help those struggling with these disorders. A study published last year revealed that indeed there are many alcoholics who are helped by cannabis substitute a less harmful side effects, and less likely to cause problems when you want to stop withdrew its use. However there are people that become dependent on marijuana, and does not mean that this is a serious drug addictions Haoltimtbit, but from
Reasons to use Medical Marijuana –  the standpoint of reducing harm, it can certainly help.
So next time you’re sick, and your doctor send you to examination inspection, and from one specialist to another, try medical marijuana, could very well be that all you need.

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