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Medical marijuana to treat cancer

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana to treat cancer

Medical marijuana to treat cancer

Medical marijuana to treat cancer

Medical marijuana to treat cancerMedical marijuana to treat cancer – Cannabis oil – cancer, a disease that we often hear about more and more of our time, is actually a group of diseases generally diverse, as they have in common is uncontrolled cell culture, which creates a malignant tumor, or neoplasia.
Zen particular cancer is determined according to the type of cells from which tumor growth, a microbial process that occurs in the background, and of course, the organ which created the loss of control of cell proliferation. In some cases, and situations of advanced disease, metastases may also be tumor-adjacent tissues or organs.
The number of cancer patients in Israel now stands at 200,000. As part of the disease, battling cancer patients undergo many difficulties and debilitating treatments. Cancer may disable them from working and functional physical harm, but they are entitled to the rights and benefits to various state institutions. Today the most common cancers in the country are colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.
Medical marijuana to treat cancer – Oil cannabis – Cannabis oil – Medical Cannabis has been used for thousands of years and in recent years its medical use has increased, especially in the study of the war on cancer.
Medical cannabis can have excellent relief of various symptoms of cancer, in particular, its relief on chemotherapy patients. The active substances found in cannabis as a Ti Hitz Jesse and Cy me enough. These substances according to cancer researchers are a great cure for cancer because of the molecular composition of these materials are interesting.
Since 1970, researchers have overwhelmed the capabilities of medical cannabis field of cancer especially due to its capabilities to help the immune system at the cellular level and because of its ability to activate receptors are proteins the body CB1 and CB2 type instance help neutralize cancer cells in the blood.
The researchers examined medical Slknabis and saw a number of features that help against cancer are:
– Inducing cell death process called apoptosis.
– Stop the sharing among cancer cells.
– Prevention of blood vessels to become cancerous.
– Lowering the chance of movement of cancer cells in the body by blocking or stopping the inside (of the cabin).
– Speeding up the cell’s garbage system accelerates the process of cell haftarot cell does not need to manure and speeds up cancer cells to their death.
All these changes are attributed to the activity of receptors CB1 and CB2, can be said that there are still ways that cannabis helps in treating cancer but are less structured day science.
Laboratory conditions is Skbnabis with percentages Si me pretty T Hitz Jesse performance was more effective cancer treatment because of their direct relationship receptors CB1 and CB2 type.
Medical marijuana to treat cancer – Cannabis oil – except at the cellular level virtues are many virtues of medical cannabis in treating cancer, for example in reducing these symptoms with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is one of the main and most effective for treating a variety of malignant tumors. There are many different types of chemotherapy drugs used to treat – and many differences between them. Common to all the chemotherapy drugs is an activity specifically against malignant cells, the source of death.
Chemotherapy is a treatment that makes recipients him dizzy, vomiting and general blurring.
Medical cannabis can be recipients of chemotherapy are very effective in lowering these symptoms and thus raise the level of quality of life of patients in this way.
Studies have found that drugs (based on the active ingredients of cannabis medical) help in reducing the symptoms of chemotherapy but lack the quality that comes to medical cannabis consumption, this quality is measured in the frequency of symptoms and a general feeling reported by the patient.
Medical marijuana to treat cancer – Cannabis oil – many studies have been made in the field of cancer research and the war in using medical marijuana and its active ingredients. Many studies have focused on the actions of the CB1 and CB2 receptors, but other studies have also sought to examine the fact that (at the cellular level) active ingredients of cannabis medical encourage oxidation of the cancer cell. In a study at the Medical University of New York researchers examined how to behave Medical Cannabis active ingredients influence cell death in cultured crustaceans, under laboratory conditions. The researchers found that active substances when introduced into a cancer cell in vitro encouraged mitochondrial oxidation processes (the energy factories of our cells) of the cell and contributed to his death. The conclusion of this study was medical cannabis active ingredients react to poison cancer cells due to the manipulation they perform in cellular respiration.
Medical marijuana to treat cancer – Cannabis oil – bint 2015 Released US Department of Health announcement that stirred the political arena when they announced they admit that there is enough evidence that medical cannabis kills cancer cells. Cancer, according to the American Health Organization claims the lives of more than 20,000 people on treatment can halt using medical cannabis recommendation to examine and recommend this treatment.
US Department of Health admits he was given sufficient proof to establish medical marijuana inhibits the spread of cancer by stimulating the death of cancer cells and prevents access to the blood vessels of cancer cells. They also add that, is being tried for ratty managed to kill the active ingredients of cannabis medical cancer cells completely and recommended the transfer of the trial to humans.
Medical marijuana to treat cancer – Cannabis oil – rooting information regarding the treatment of cancer using cannabis repeatedly encountered people who claimed to be completely cured of cancer using medical marijuana and its derivatives especially cannabis oil. Mike Cutler, for example, 63-year-old from England in 2009 received the terrible news that he was ill with liver cancer after he fainted during work. Mike claims that after three days after taking cannabis oil and father disappeared a few months after an inquiry conducted found no cancer cells in his body. Mike concluded that cannabis oil through its healing powers helped the body get rid of cancer cells and restore life back to Mike. Mike’s story led to many reactions most negatively requested more tests to issue taking into account the findings with Mike and other patients indicate that intake of cannabis oil by cancer can lead to recovery from illness.
Medical marijuana to treat cancer – Cannabis oil – conclusion can look at the findings we have collected from studies in various medical magazines and testimonials of cancer patients that there is a bright future medical cannabis in treating cancer. Researchers and patients alike point to the undeniable contribution of medical cannabis dealing with the symptoms of chemotherapy but praise do not stop there. Researchers and patients alike indicate that medical marijuana helps lower the symptoms of the cancer itself and reduce or even halt the progression and spread of the disease. Researchers were able to prove Slhomrim active medical cannabis has the ability to “handle” on a cellular level in cancer cells and prevent them from accessing vital blood vessels undressing.
The scientific community recommends the continuation of experiments and sale probably in the near future we will begin to use drugs that are based on our understanding on how medical cannabis active ingredients can even cure cancer.

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