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medical clearance for cannabis

Medical Marijuana

medical clearance for cannabis

medical clearance for cannabis

medical clearance for cannabis

medical clearance for cannabismedical clearance for cannabis – Introducing the complete procedure Procedure 106 – Click here.
Procedure for official licenses for use of cannabis laws, whereby you can catch diseases labeled as suitable for the treatment of medical cannabis.
Is everyone allowed to get permission to use medical marijuana?
Unfortunately, not only patients who are on the list of approved indications for treatment are entitled to medical marijuana laws, and moreover, that only patients who have exhausted or have developed resistance to all other treatment according to evidence the specialist health-care providers.
medical clearance for cannabis – Who can get medical cannabis authorization for oncology –
– Patients during chemotherapy and up to six months from the end of treatment to ease nausea, vomiting or pain associated with the treatment. Even without exhausting other treatments to relieve symptoms of conventional chemotherapy.
– In cases where the physician believes that cannabis should continue treatment later half of the year.
– To relieve pain from a metastatic stage cancer and treatment options extraction accepted.
medical clearance for cannabis – Who can get medical cannabis authorization in the field of gastroenterology –
– Patients with active inflammatory bowel disease and proven, for example – Crohn’s disease or vasculitis and meet the criteria at
1. have been exhausted and have failed conventional medical treatments of at least immunomodulatory herb such as one, for example – Aimoran or Forintol for at least two months and the addition of at least one TNF example – Homeira or Remicade loading dose control – ie two treatments.
2. Revocation of surgical treatment option of removing a short section of intestine ill.
medical clearance for cannabis – Who can get medical cannabis authorization in the field of pain –
– Patients with neuropathic pain of organic origin is clear, familiar pain clinic patients during a period of at least one year before the filing of the application, after exhausting conventional treatment options and recommendation of the pain clinic where they are treated.
medical clearance for cannabis – Who can get medical cannabis authorization in the field of infectious diseases –
– Patients diagnosed with acquired immune deficiency such as ADIS and regardless of CD4 level, after exhausting accepted medication, which suffer from the extreme weight, more than 10% loss of body weight, to improve appetite or to facilitate vomiting and gastrointestinal symptoms.
medical clearance for cannabis – Who can get medical cannabis authorization in the field of neurological diseases –
– Patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in situations Sfstiim who did not respond to the usual treatments.
– Patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease treated for at least one year Antifrnksoni therapy, chronic pain or pain caused by Brigida.
– Adult patients diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, suffering from significant functional daily lives conventional treatments have not responded.
– Adult patients with epilepsy, and meet the criteria at
1. diagnosed with epilepsy is difficult for at least two years and have dysfunction significantly, the exact definition according to the procedure of seizures of this type are seizures causes of disability, including seizures Kloniim generalized seizures type partial-complex seizures tones or Atoniim rules and partial seizures others may cause a risk of falling and sabotage.
2. In a situation where resistant epilepsy after the failure of at least five anti-epileptic drugs listed as monotherapy or as combining drugs.
3. Epilepsy is characterized by seizures frequency of at least one seizure a month in medication documented.
4. Patients minors (under 18) with epilepsy is difficultly uncontrollable, after the development of resistance or failure of at least one conventional treatments five medications / treatments Sample ketogenic diet, vagus nerve stimulation or surgery.
medical clearance for cannabis – Who can get medical cannabis authorization in the field of palliative diseases –
– Terminally ill patients who defined their life expectancy does not exceed six months.
medical clearance for cannabis – Who can get medical cannabis authorization field of psychiatric illnesses –
– Adult patients diagnosed Btr- traumatic stress disorder and meet the criteria at
1. Post-traumatic stress disorder with mild or higher and meets the criteria of 21% disability
At least by sections of the NSC, which extends beyond the two-year period and is characterized by great emotional distress.
2. When exhausted at least three pharmacological interventions acceptable minimum periods of at least two intervention and 3 were incorporated and exhausted conventional psychological interventions.
medical clearance for cannabis – Procedures for issuing a license for medical cannabis
The request for authorization to use medical marijuana should be served by a specialist practitioner attending over the time period defined procedures (procedure 106), however, not all patients with the disease are entitled to receive approval for the treatment of medical cannabis and therefore, it is important to review the specific procedures outlined for each disease. The request can not be served by any other doctor who specializes in disease of the patient and also important to note that family doctors reject requests outright. Sharpen again that the physician submitting the application to become a doctor versed in history that the treatment of the patient and competent to engage in specific illness.
medical clearance for cannabis – Shortening the process of issuing licenses for cancer patients
It seems that with time, Israel is moving toward legalization, however, Israel still only some 30 doctors who heads issue licenses for the treatment of medical cannabis patients themselves. It seems that the way for a long medical certificate and not all patients get benefit from this shortcut, but only in cancer patients are entitled to receive the services of these doctors. These doctors are employed by the Ministry of Health and are required to work in accordance with the procedures of the issue, but they are allowed to issue their own license hospitalized at the hospital where the patient regardless of medical cannabis unit (Ik”r). The advantage is – time. The issuance date is between 24 and 48 hours from the date of application.
medical clearance for cannabis – How to apply for medical cannabis
The doctor to accompany the patient throughout all attempts therapeutic, to recognize the history of treatments and understand the nature of the patient’s response to any drug, not quite that submitted the request, in order to bring success maximum and obtain a permit for the patient to make “homework”, arrive with medical file including the full prescribing medications taken during the year or the last two years and every so forth.
The request should include documents at
1. The details of the patient’s medical history.
2. The details of the treatment history of the patient, which treatments were given, the results and the patient’s condition after these treatments.
3. providing a detailed reason why it was necessary for medical cannabis patient care, including an explanation will improve the situation.
4. Score character marijuana treatment – the use of oil or flowers and specifying the name of one of the companies cannabis in Israel if there is a personal preference that.
5. If the disease does not appear in the list of the approved indications, the doctor attached to the applying scientific information and scientific studies proving that medical cannabis therapy helps and the advantage of this particular disease patients.
medical clearance for cannabis – Where to send the application?
You can download the application form at the following URL – click here.
The form with the medical records and the specific information required to be sent to a fax number – 02-6474810, can confirm the arrival of a dedicated fax telephone 08-6268000. Yeah well, you can send in a copy of the documents in honor of the Ministry of Health, the only medical cannabis – Ik”r, 39 Jeremiah Street, PO Box 1176 Jerusalem, zip code 9101002, or e-mail [email protected]
medical clearance for cannabis – When we receive a formal reply?
After submitting their All that remains is to wait, waiting time ranges from two weeks to two months to receive an official response from the Ministry of Health.

medical clearance for cannabis

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