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Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System

Marijuana's Effects on Circulatory System

Marijuana’s Effects on the Circulatory System

Marijuana's Effects on Circulatory SystemMarijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System  – The medical effects of the cannabis plant on the circulatory system – in ancient times used to heal and pharmaceutical potions to use cannabis and Lubricants facilitate multiple morbidities, including diseases of the vascular system. In ancient China and ancient India made many uses cannabis for thousands of years before Christ.
Cannabinoid family is a family of fatty neurotransmitters, cannabinoids are molecules, active ingredients, are cannabis, and they are responsible for the broader arc plant gives those who choose to consume it. Cannabinoids are actually chemical compounds that when consumed by man, eating, smoking, etc., are tied and cannabinoid receptor activity are different systems of the body, such as our immune system.
Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System – Numerous studies have shown these fats (lipids) that impact and many changes in many systems in our bodies and in relation to other systems of receptors in our bodies it is considered a very wide variety of receptor systems known to science today. The role of lipid membranes cannabinoid system comes from the fact that the source and supply endogenous cannabinoid derivatives of arachidonic acid.
The study of molecules which affect the cannabinoid system in the brain and body
Is essential to the search for medical device that can help us to fight them extremely sick without adverse effects on cognitive function of the patient, such as for example by means of distillation medicine with attitude Tee OH CO low to try emanation effects Fsichodelih of consumption of the plant caused by the consumption of the active ingredient Tee OH CO.
One of the ways in which the cannabinoid system helps in maintaining physical health is the health of the arteries and veins in our body.
Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System – especially atherosclerosis, is described as a disease treatment being purchased using cannabis and its derivatives plant using biological material that helps the blood cells and the cells that make up blood vessels to maintain their strength and durability.
Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System – at the beginning of this article, I asked myself a minute, what’s the connection? How can the consumption of cannabis improve the circulatory system, a healthy heart and blood vessels within which moves the blood in our bodies ?, this assumption was not sensible to me, we all know how smoking or eating products Cannabis increasing heart rate and sometimes can lead to a drop in blood pressure all these I have seen examples of this cannabis although all Tmorotio the medical world and our bodies in particular failed in our blood. So this is not scientific research on the cannabinoid system show Slknabis several changes that our bodies can make them. For example, the active ingredient Tee OH CO proven liberating the smooth muscles that make up our arteries, it causes sedation and blood pressure drop to more flexibility of blood vessels. In a study published in 1998 demonstrated the presence researcher Hilfiger type of CB1 receptor in the tissue of arteries and takes part in the regulation of arterial tissue. Another example is the consideration of a C-type active substance has been shown to be quite essential for the healing of clogging of blood vessels after heart attacks and strokes.
These facts and many others about the possible contributions of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant to treat diseases of the circulatory system signify that what some of us thought about cannabis and its effects on various blood system is wrong and to check and investigate further from this point.
Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System– consumption of cannabis as medicine in Blood So the question arises if the active substances in the cannabis plant have the ability to medically about how our blood to those substances affects blood pressure.
If we know from studies made in the consumption of cannabis stretching the tissue from blood vessels may be how it affects blood pressure.
Early studies on rats bred for high blood pressure found that THC causes a bargain during measurement: lower levels of blood pressure, a professor is paid from the Weizmann Institute predicted back in 1978 that further study of these receptors will lead to drugs that will benefit those who suffer from diseases arising from and cause high blood pressure.
In a study published in 2001 researchers determined the inner layer of the artery secretes into the blood moving within a number of materials to control and manipulate the blood correctly war diseases normative regulation of the function of the fluid flow in the arteries. Among these materials can identify materials used by the cannabinoid system. The study showed that with fatty acids and other substances such as Materials Andokniboaidim help regulate the health of the walls of the arteries in our bodies.
Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System – consumption of cannabis as medicine in Blood CB1 receptor is specific, proven capable of defending against the death of nerve cells following a stroke, and dronabinol drug that is in an advanced stage of the licensing process as a remedy to be issued to victims of stroke or closed head injuries to minimize the long-term brain damage caused by such events, in order to improve the chances of survival and recovery of these patients chains of death of nerve cells. CB1 receptor There are many influences on many processes within the circulatory system is considered a recruiter’s immune system against bacteria attacks the circulatory system by helping regulate the amount of proteoglycans are the circulatory system. Another important role of this receptor activated by cannabis active ingredients is regulating the flow of oxygen and the oxygen ratio in the cells of our body.
Another receptor system as we know this is a CB1 receptor that has been working against the formation of plaque or fat in the walls of our blood vessels.
Another study showed that making the relationship between these receptors to the plasma levels Hnrfinrin, a substance found in our blood vessels and our nervous system and takes part in the regulation of those activities (circulatory system and the nervous system). The study showed elevated levels of plasma above arise after consumption of cannabis by smoking (have to conclude it is true that eating too) and this can help us in the future to address the ills that of the arteries and the nervous system.
Cannabis as a medicine in Blood: So how exactly does it work biologically? How can we bring you an example of how science today uses the proceeds from the system Hknbinaidit receptors in the blood?
We’ll give you an example to clarify a bit more how the receptor-type Si me one can help us in treating obesity. Numerous studies support the hypothesis that there is a close link between obesity and increased activity of the endocannabinoid system, thus inhibiting the CB1-type receptors in addition to the delay receptors will also delay of obesity itself and the ability to control specific metabolic system of the person is obese. You block this receptor causes as proven a number of studies to cause an increase in HDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. In addition to all these various studies have shown that the active ingredient of type T OH Si the ability to assist the reconstruction of tissue build the walls of the arteries that move the blood in our bodies through the activation of receptor-type Si me 2 by receptor it triggers activity of the immune system helps fight the formation of plaque and other obstructions in the arteries.
Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System – Cannabis as a medicine in Blood added virtue that cannabis and its derivatives plant either be a green rolled cigarette or drug containing the active ingredients in plants is essential that the active substances in plants against atherosclerosis. So what is atherosclerosis actually ?, Atherosclerosis is a general name for a number of diseases Saifionn is a thickening arterial wall and Htkshoto due to plaque total fatty deposits and white blood cells, these fatty deposits can form a variety of factors genetic diseases that cause the regulation is not true of lipids in the cells of our bodies and eating a high fats. Additionally, there is also blocking the non-white blood cells are part of a defense system of the immune system, which means that some of the blockage of the arteries caused by failures in the immune system. Common Sbtrsot arteries called Atrosklrozh, type VII of the disease which blocked gradually arteries due to the accumulation of a fatty substance under the inner lining of the arterial wall, and develops an inflammatory reaction which sinks plaque artery walls consisting of cholesterol deposited from LDL, components greasy, and white blood cells accumulate because of inflammation . Atherosclerosis can occur in the arteries of the body and feed through to damage such as brain, heart, kidneys, limbs and more. Parts of plaques can break away and block the artery wall to another area. The disease is the main cause of death in the Western world, more than all other causes of death combined, which pushes us further access merits of the hemp plant. Key risk factors for this disease are: trans fat saturated diet, high blood pressure (we know to alienate the active ingredient Tee OH CO), inherited diseases, diabetes, considerable exposure to free radicals through cigarette smoking is ionizing radiation exposure. The most common treatment for this disease is coronary artery bypass surgery and cardiac catheterization, both invasive surgical procedures for opening a path sprinkled the blood or the creation of new paths.
Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System – Blood cannabis as a medicine in the above paragraph we mentioned the fact that the accumulated plaque on artery walls composed of white blood cells, an important tool in the defense system (immune system) of the body that is part of the material that blocks the movement of blood in a state of atherosclerosis. Then the question is what does the cannabis plant and the active ingredients in the formation of white blood cells in the artery walls in our body, studies in the lab and mice share with us and other mammals as the system Hknibonoaidit. These studies showed Slhomrim old plant active influence on the immune system and helps regulate the functions essential.
One study determined that the use of cannabis has been shown to affect the human immune system and provide a basis for understanding the immunomodulatory effects. Cell-based experiments or animal experiments suggest that the holes cannabis can affect almost every major role related to the immune system. These studies used the fat molecules operators in developing biological effects via the endocannabinoid system. Some of these compounds have been tested and their effects on immune function, and the results suggest therapeutic opportunities for a wide variety of inflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, atherosclerosis, asthma, allergic, and autoimmune diabetes through modulation of receptors that the researchers expect to be able to handle atherosclerosis by controlling the immune system to do the job for them waste disposal arterial walls.
Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System – Blood cannabis as a medicine in this article we showed how contrary to popular belief consumption of cannabis and its products can help those who suffer from vascular disease and circulatory system in particular in a variety of ways.
The circulatory system is not an isolated system in the body and includes a collaboration with the immune system and other body organs and tissues to provide for fluid movement is the life blood circulating through the body. We’ve found this article through the operating system Hknibnoaidit, consumption of cannabis plant can affect various ways in which one of them in order to do us some things:
-Download Blood pressure – through the relaxation of blood vessels through the relaxation of the tissue that makes up the blood vessels.
-oisot Correct functioning immune system and blood vessels to prevent atherosclerosis
-hfrst Receptors made by processes which help white blood cells
-slith Better the metabolic system of the body
-hrfih Of muscles that make up the heart and preventing the creation of pressure that can cause tissue damage that makes the heart
Before we conclude it should be noted that’s the average pertain to the majority population but not the container, there are groups of people who care cannabis can damage them, for example, people suffering from low blood pressure from the logic does not need another download of blood pressure and for more relaxation of the tissue that makes up the arteries. Indeed every rule there are exceptions to this article should be seen as a source of information on the qualities of cannabis but should not be considered a treatment plan vascular disease and each patient to consult a doctor before taking any step in the treatment of these diseases.
Marijuana’s Effects on Circulatory System


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