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marijuana treatment for testicular cancer

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marijuana treatment for testicular cancer


marijuana treatment for testicular cancer

marijuana treatment for testicular cancermarijuana treatment for testicular cancer – the testicles are two glands inside the scrotum (bag of loose skin under the penis). Testes produce sperm and testicular hormone Htstostron.srtn testicular cancer is a cancerous tumor develops in the testicles. This cancer is the most common cancer in young men between the ages of 20-39. He rarely appears before the age of 15.
Risk of testicular cancer over a lifetime is 1 in 200. Although the most common costs – the mortality rate is very low, and has an average survival rate of 95% for 5 years.
Not all lumps in the testicles originate growth, and not all tumors are cancerous testicle but this article will focus on more lumps and bumps scrotum cancer originated. There is also noted that in extreme cases of this cancer can appear lower back pain that can occur following the spread of cancer to the lymph nodes along the back in the lower level of the body.
marijuana treatment for testicular cancer – before we review the merits of the hemp plant treatment and relief for patients with testicular cancer before we have to understand what makes the rules cannabis tumors.
Many studies investigating the issue from the 70 with pride done through our local professor is paid from the Weizmann Institute study. A study published in 2014 demonstrated how active substance of type THC cannabis beneficial in treating cancer because it inhibits the growth of tumor through various receptors were discovered already in previous studies and two new ones were discovered in this study and helped scientists understand more precisely the behavior of the material Tee OH CO reduces and inhibits the development of cancerous tissue in the bodies of cancer patients.
There are various factors among testicular cancer include: 1) virus causes venereal diseases tumors 2) genetics 3) failure of embryonic development
marijuana treatment for testicular cancer – testicular cancer is relatively low prevalence of male crutch and is only one percent of all cancers that assail men.
There are two main types of cancer caused by the above mentioned reasons, 1) seminoma 2) Nonsminomh.
The origin of 95% of tumors originating from the testicle is an increase in the germ cells. These are divided into five main types: seminoma, This growth, Ambrionl carcinoma, Andodrml sinus Tomor, Coriokrtzinomh usually divided into seminoma and non-seminoma. Seminoma is more common in older age, when the peak is 40, while non-seminoma common in younger adults, and more violent character. This increase can be from several different tissues together.
In this part of the article we look at how the consumption of cannabis products can help men’s bodies to deal more effectively against cancerous tumors in the testicles originate from sexually transmitted diseases.
Because cancer can spread, is usually offered to the patient completes treatment – radiotherapy or chemotherapy in order to destroy cancer cells that might remain in the body. The type of treatment is determined in accordance with the histology of the tumor and the stage of the disease. If the tumor is localized can be, sometimes, in the case of a patient with high response, be observed only includes imaging tests, blood tests and a physical examination frequently in order to avoid the side effects of treatment, given the low likelihood of recurrence and the existence of effective treatment if the tumor comes back. In the case of seminoma, about 85% -95% of these cases will not require additional treatment.
marijuana treatment for testicular cancer – the first source approached him as the formation of the disease is venereal disease.
STDs are bacteria, viruses are transferred by sexual contact, usually sexual contact of the reproductive organs. These tiny creatures invading our body to “wake” the immune system causes inflammation and sometimes even the appearance of cancer cells.
Her immune system against invading campaign mobilized small works right of receptors, protein molecules which are the cells in our bodies and help the functioning of every cell together.
Part of the immune system in mammals is well known Handokniboaidit which communicates with the active ingredients in cannabis helps cells cope better with the invaders who bring with them a variety of diseases such as AIDS, chlamydia, syphilis, etc.
The active ingredients of cannabis, such as the active material Si me quite found to be most effective for inflammation in the body, most common symptom of venereal disease, which often can be the cause of the initial formation of cancer cells in the scrotum.
That the active ingredients of cannabis strengthen our immune system activity are helping our body to defend itself against the appearance of tumors due to sexually transmitted diseases, through the possibility of a higher resistance to the progression of the disease or virus.
marijuana treatment for testicular cancer – cancer of all cancers ten percent of inherited genetic origin of every human being. So if ten percent of cancer cases are related to genetic information that parents give to their descendants.
Some cancers that develop in the testicles hereditary problems due to resume cell division developing reproductive organs and there are many like that can happen due to a failure in almost every stage of cell division, features which are delivered defective genes often fall into the wrong way. Active ingredients in the cannabis plant have been shown in many studies that strengthen the immune system specifically against cancerous tumors that develop Incorrect regulation of cells.
Scientists have proven the system of cannabinoid receptors work better together with the active ingredients in the cannabis plant type  CBD pretty Juicy me Anne. Active substances that have been shown in the laboratory to be most effective in helping the body deal with tumors and pain symptoms that come with them.
Many studies have been conducted and are conducted in this field and pharmaceutical compounds majestic refined complexity of the active ingredients are under clinical study. In addition, cannabis oil are rich in active CBD fairly considered very effective in the treatment of hereditary cancers originate and helps the body deal with tumors at the cellular level. Studies with cell lines of type MiaPaCa2 and Panc1 showed that the consumption of cannabis plant operated in cancer cells has improved the activity of the receptor from the cannabinoid (a) promoting apoptosis, or in other words “Death to the planned” cell (in this case tumor cells) (b) raises levels of essential fatty acids to normal body cells, and (c) regulates the levels of mRNA molecules of protein P8 Subtree stress protein, which contributes significantly to the health of the cell and tissue against cancerous tumors.
marijuana treatment for testicular cancer – conclusion to centralize the information we have collected you how to plant cannabis and its derivatives can improve the condition of patients with testicular cancer, active substances in the cannabis plant many virtues, they can speed up the death of cancer cells in order not to harm nearby tissues they boost the immune system.
Become more done many studies to lead to any medication based on chemical and biological benefits of the hemp plant forefront of the fight against testicular cancer.
The extensive use made by millions of patients cannabis to relieve cancer treatments such as chemotherapy indicates the global trend of relief for cancer patients using cannabis plant and today there are millions of people who use this tool to ease the aches.

marijuana treatment for testicular cancer


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