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Marijuana medicinal species

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana medicinal species


Marijuana medicinal species

Marijuana medicinal species

Marijuana medicinal species – The cannabis plant has a number of different species that differ in size, the proportion of leaves, growth periods and composition
Active ingredients and flavors and smell of the plant. Today agricultural techniques and genetic engineering are used
To reach desired features. These properties may be related to the psychoactive effect of the plant
To its medical effect. By controlling the degree of expression of different properties of the plant and determining the concentration of the materials
Cannabis and products from it, which are active in the material, can be created, mainly in the concentration of cannabinoids
Adapted to our needs and desires.
Marijuana medicinal species – Enideca – for treatment without psychoactive effects
Indica species have short, broad leaves and are relatively branched. It is assumed that the source of the variety is in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan,
High CBD and plant physiology are suitable for extreme and variable climatic conditions prevailing in this environment. Concentration
The CBD assistant – known as CBD – in indica strains, and the ratio can reach up to 22: 1 in favor of THC – usually together for concentration
CBD-on the brain and can balance unwanted effects such as anxiety or hallucinations. In addition, THC has to mediate the effects
Many medical properties, including pain relief, treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, anti-inflammatory, and even ability
Has grown in recent years CBD-Assault and elimination of cancerous tumors. For these reasons, the demand for varieties is high
For the benefit of consumers of medical cannabis. CBD and cultivators produce even richer varieties in THC.
Marijuana medicinal species – Sativa – expresses a gene that increases the concentration of
Sativa has long thin leaves and grows larger than the indica. Sativa has a high concentration of
Scientists now think that the reason for this is that the Sativa strains give more meaningful expression to the genes that lead to its production
Which is present in CBG in the plant. These enzymes are responsible for the transformation of the enzyme’s THC cannabinoid
Heating. The source of the Sativa in low-grade areas is THC, which becomes THCA in the early stages of development
More geographically relative to indica, and its effects are considered more stimulating and encouraging creativity. The use of Sativa
Was thought to create a sense of levitation and could even be hallucinatory, and in traditional Indian medicine it was used for purposes
Hypnotic, spiritual, anesthetic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
Marijuana medicinal species –  Rodralis – grows even without cycles of light and darkness
Herderalis is a well-known species and is less common than the indica and sativa. It grows in areas where there is no great competition on the part
Other plants like areas affected by fire or avalanche. The Hardralis does not reach significant heights and its composition is
The plant was found in Siberia and it also grew in the northern Himalayan mountain range. It is sometimes rich in THC,
And in various countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The radialis’ flowering mechanism is radically different from that of
The Sativa and the Indica, which require cycles of light and darkness to allow them to bloom. On the other hand, Zeni
For many varieties. “Autoflowering” Rodralis begin their inflorescence stage by their age, in the process called
Thus, the flowering can be harvested in less than 10 weeks from seed planting. Because of the convenient flowering mechanism of
The plant, the distribution of its concentrations and its adaptation to cold weather, is sometimes increased in a domestic manner by patients who consume
Cannabis for medical reasons.
Marijuana medicinal species – Pure strains and hybrids – treatment of symptoms
Today, the existing varieties of cannabis are pure Indica or Sativa varieties, or hybrids of various types. as mentioned
Potential traits can be obtained by agricultural methods or by genetic engineering. Today there is a huge, growing variety
It is effective in treating nausea and vomiting and in increasing THC of strains of cannabis. With regard to medical needs, it is known that
Appetite. These properties can be useful as a complementary therapy in the treatment of chemotherapy for cancer patients and even exist
Balances the CBD effects are given to patients with chemotherapy. Marinol was found to be a prescription drug
In the brain, and besides it has many physiological and psychological virtues, including the THC-psychoactivity dampening
Inflammation and pain. For arthritis or chronic pain, cream or oil can be applied with cannabis extract
Can not reach the bloodstream and the brain and there will be no THC effects on the painful area. In external treatment e
Marijuana medicinal species – Cannabinoids – eliminate and prevent the formation of cancer cells
It is very important to note that, despite the prevailing opinion and the problematic legal status of cannabis, cannabinoids have returned not only
Can help relieve the symptoms of various diseases but also actually prevent, and treat the disease. In many experiments
Cannabinoids have also been shown to inhibit the formation of new blood vessels needed for growth of tumors
Cancer, also prevent the spread of cancerous growth to other areas of the body, and also activate an extermination mechanism
Self in the cancerous cell only, that is without harming healthy cells. It is possible that this activity of cannabinoids
The cannabis mimics normal immune system activity, which is lined with cannabinoid receptors that have evolved to
To absorb natural cannabinoids produced by the body, such as anandamide. Hence the consumption of
Cannabinoids can restore the balance lost to the body in a way that imitates its self-healing mechanism. hard to believe
That this method of treatment is not yet widely applied, at the expense of patients whose bodies are corrupt and their health destroyed

Marijuana medicinal species

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