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marijuana during pregnancy

Medical Marijuana

marijuana during pregnancy

marijuana during pregnancy

marijuana during pregnancy

marijuana during pregnancymarijuana during pregnancy – a review of history reveals cannabis and its derivatives grew used in gynecology and relieve her more from 700 before the Common Era. Dr. Ethan Russo investigated the Nosau found evidence that the plant was used in ancient cultures such as ancient Persia and China, to treat women with a variety of ailments associated with pregnancy like labor pains, vaginal bleeding after childbirth and prevention of miscarriages and abortions that are due to trauma or illness of the mother. the middle of the 19th century came to use the plant to relieve pregnant women also western world and there are writings that indicate its use in cases of nausea before delivery and expedite the delivery process. the use of cannabis and its derivatives for the treatment of pain associated with the birth process found in other cultures in Africa and Asia but reporters are arranged as found in cultures mentioned in advance.
Further, the article reviewed the current discoveries in the field.
marijuana during pregnancy – US studies found the drug of choice for pregnant women in particular to facilitate Bsiftomi pregnancy is the hemp plant. This means that the drug most commonly used by pregnant women. This research has raised many more from the sixties of the twentieth century to try to find a connection between drug use and cannabis marijuana plant failures birth or developmental failures.
This article will try to make accessible the information available to you by the scientific community regarding the use of cannabis by pregnant women and will focus on the question “Can pregnant women use cannabis and minds of researchers.”
Specific research conducted in the UK is done in 12 825 postpartum women who used cannabis during pregnancy could not find a link between cannabis use birth failures or developmental failures. Identical studies made in countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark showed similar results, you can not link between maternal use of cannabis during pregnancy physical or mental defects in the baby
marijuana during pregnancy – released in 1994, physician Dr. Melanie Drhr regarding the use of cannabis by Jamaican women to treat symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and stimulate the appetite. This fact was in stark contrast to the fact that women are getting their information from the state about the dangers of smoking during pregnancy and smoking of cannabis in particular but still choose to ignore the directive in large numbers because of the knowledge they have about the quality family plant for pregnant women.
Another study done by research conducted herself while she was pregnant and suffered from an extreme loss of appetite caused a radical download vomiting and weight alongside constant nausea that fascinates the patient and endangers the health of the fetus long. The doctor was covering the position from the second week Lhtabroth first began to emerge as headaches and nausea. The doctor suggests that smoking is the number of bowls of bedtime and morning stopped the bleeding from the vagina and suffered from slight nausea much about its status alongside the improvement in the quality of life.
In 1997 published a book was the result of long studies tomorrow, Dr. John Morgan and Lynn Zimmer, who requested to review the development of the fetal women who consumed cannabis during pregnancy, the researchers suggest in their book contact or at least not the way to explain their work and how they could not find the relationship between Cannabis consumption during pregnancy failures characteristics such as size of the baby after birth, development in the womb or perform some kind of physical disability.
marijuana during pregnancy – the nervous system of all mammals can be found in the system Hknboaidit, this system responds digests, the active ingredient kind CBD. This material is found to have remarkable properties Rfoot treatment of pain, inflammation, skin rashes and hormonal balance, all these ailments known for pregnant women. The active substance THC CBD lacks contrast to the psychoactive effects but beautifully communicates with the body in healing and helps the body recover.
In terms of science, CBD is a very unique material specifically in a way that affects the body at the microscopic level, we can see that products like creams and other oils that may help active ingredient active ingredient CBD will link with the body. Research regarding the CBD also that CBD can stop the circle lit by soothing pain receptors and nerves and allows the body to relax. During pregnancy, many areas of the body muscles are in a state of stress because they support the enormous weight of new life. The decline of the uterus during childbirth due to the growth of fetal pain creates many pregnant women as lower back pain and pain in the shoulders and pelvis, these pain treatment by the active material Si me quite well-known researchers and the scientific community known qualities.
The use of cannabis oil has many percents of the active ingredient CBD by pregnant women is increasing. Women who are looking for solutions to their pain are often confronted with the option of CBD extracts opiate painkillers contrast constitute a real danger for the mother and the fetus due to developmental disorders resulting from the use of the mother during pregnancy opioids (pain relievers chemical composition similar to heroin and are based on the same plant opium).
marijuana during pregnancy – the entire area of ​​the pregnancy is a complex and problematic area of ​​information, because of the importance of seeing all the parents of their pregnancy invested much energy and great warnings regarding pregnant women. Almost every person on the street and asked for an article we asked so many, even students and professionals also just neighbors and friends, they were all surprised to hear that there is no information linking the use of cannabis during pregnancy, and certainly not the active substance CBD and any failures or infant development. The false impression that the population affected by our knowledge and attitude to cannabis as a drug like alcohol when they distinguish reality very few and in a state of pregnancy, where there is ample evidence of alcohol vulnerable infant in contrast to the evidence about cannabis and its derivatives. This ignorance can be bridged, many studies are published and pushing knowledge to the masses every issue of medical cannabis and will be in the field of pregnancy.
In conclusion can be stated that there has been a lot of information about the subject and the state of medical marijuana as a tool used by pregnant women to relieve various aches difficult gestation process. Several extensive studies have been made in various countries and were unable to link maternal smoking failures physiological or cognitive infant and child in the developing but still due to fine a point on pregnancy and how we as humans react rightly suspicious of and care about the quality might be pregnant women that use cannabis and its derivatives.

marijuana during pregnancy

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