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Medical Marijuana




MarijuanaMarijuana – When we hear the word cannabis We are reluctant to raise immediately and positive associations.
Most of the population especially the people “old era” shy away from the word cannabis due to the fact that cannabis is considered a psychoactive substance (a drug), but actually used cannabis-time seed oil production, for medical purposes.
Marijuana – In the modern era of the new millennium is no longer cannabis word association receives no positive calls almost immediately with the medical aspects.
So what is it cannabis, older people shy away from it?
Marijuana is actually a kind of plant from the family of cannabaceae, which include two types: cannabis and a tiddler.
Israel Today there are 91 varieties of cannabis.
Cannabis is now considered the most common illegal drug in the world and can not be consumed in public.
Marijuana – But we must not forget that we consume illegal drugs almost every day and we are not aware at all that when the list of “drugs” legally approved caffeine and nicotine stand, their consequences and even severe side effects even more from the effects of cannabis, which we will discuss below.
Israel reduced and a tourist market the widespread demand is not limited to the drug cannabis, is illegal and consequently breached the boundaries of the law (of course, that we Israelis, who know how to satisfy the desires of the company even if not illegal) and Open Markets small and private breeders hiding the types of cannabis various knew to deliver them required for the Israelis need.
Little Market and exposed the illegal anytime considerable criminal punishment and heavy, but these illegal cannabis growers know quite a toll for the “goods” that are illegal manufacture and supply.
The use of cannabis for purposes of “entertainment” and leisure Anyway he was going out to Israeli law, but with the miraculous head slightly sideways revealed the biggest growth rates of cannabis is concentrated specifically in the moral aspect of the smoking side of the plant “illegal” medical benefits.
Israel today approved the consumption of cannabis for the terminally ill or chronically ill or suffering constant pain that they can not find a cure.
Cannabis, except as an illegal drug, also known as having medicinal properties such as improved mood in depressed patients, and relaxing severe pain that can not be calm with painkillers.
Marijuana – Many Israelis are now consuming cannabis illegally to enhance the overall feel and elevate mood.
Cannabis came in Ordinance currently illegal drugs and the need for the penalty to a felony because of the negative effects that may endanger both the needs of the individual and the environment as a whole.
It is important to remember that if there is no need for the use of cannabis for medical purposes it is better to avoid “adventure” unnecessary, often causing negative consequences and unnecessary addiction.

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