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Hemp oil – skin health – Natural Cosmetics

Marijuana Oil

Hemp oil – skin health – Natural Cosmetics


Hemp oil – skin health – Natural Cosmetics

Hemp oil – skin health – Natural Cosmetics – Most consumers of cannabis experienced its common forms of consumption – smoking on a variety of products and forms of cannabis consumption, and of course eating and dismantling through the digestive system – whether in foods, oils, solvents and more …

In this article we would like to focus your attention on the form of additional consumption of cannabis and intriguing – creams and skin products.

Used cannabis ointments and oils such as hemp oil externally, the active ingredients are absorbed through the pores of the skin and reach the body. There is no need to smoke or eat the stuff.

In recent years, began to blossom skin care products like creams, sprays and oils containing several active ingredients in the cannabis plant. Preparations and these products are called “Tofiklim”.

Htofiklim used for relieving pain, infections and various skin problems. Since these products are not psycho-active and  it won’t make you “hi”, selected by many patients interested in the medicinal properties of cannabis but no other effects on performance.

Htofiklim often contain cannabis plant materials such as “terpenes” and cannabinoids (CBD, THCA) different and also inserted them also various herbal essential oils used in skin care products.

Scattered human body receptors that respond to both networks active substances of cannabis. CB1 receptors network mainly concentrated in the brain and responds to the active ingredient THC – a psychoactive effect.

CB2 receptors Network – scattered all over the body – skin cells, stomach, gut, immune cells, and more. These receptors respond mostly active substances CBD and CBN are known to have significant medicinal properties but do not have a psychoactive effect.

Hemp oil – skin health – Natural Cosmetics – Just for this reason skin products are designed and manufactured specifically to work with the CB2 receptors are right on skin.

As stated before, toiletries and treatment are not influential psychoactive (caused by the active ingredient THC) However, even if the products do contain THC, the product will not have a “hi” efect on the patient, in contrast to treatment with smoking or eating, because that THC is able enter the bloodstream only absorbed in the CB2 and acting on it.

Htofiklim known as therapists are effective in a variety of symptoms and problems: local relief of pain, relief of muscle pain, tension release and treatment of infections.

Recently, there is growing evidence that these products can effectively treat diseases such as psoriasis (hemorrhoids), skin infections, severe itching and headaches and cramps.

Products on the market, as well-known cosmetic products contain a wide variety of compositions for the treatment of various symptoms and in separate areas of the body.

CEO of Cannabis Basics, which is engaged in the field, explains about using Btofiklim to treat infections and inflammations, “joint pain caused by local inflammation. Our products contain THCA and – CBD, these two materials are anti – inflammatory. Active THC is not intended infections but when you keep it in its acidic and combine with the CBD – are working effectively against inflammation and pain that accompanies it.

At Kush Creams manufactures a wide range of leather products with cannabis, presenting a long list of ailments that can be treated with products: arthritis, skin rashes, hemorrhoids, dental pain, multiple sclerosis, nerve problems, migraines, anxiety and stress, back pain, gout skin care after the tattoo, scar treatment, insect bites, acne, fibromyalgia and more.

Hemp oil – skin health – Natural Cosmetics – Even many athletes engaged in vigorous physical activity and intensive preparations are turning to cannabis:

“I was a professional runner for 15 years and triathlete for seven years. I ran various distances from 5 km to the marathon. Along the way I have tried a variety of methods for recovery. Out of all these methods and treatments, the greatest success was with cannabis preparations – ointments, muscle cream, sprays and bath salts. These products do not affect both psychoactive and do not appear in any drug test, which is critical for athletes “

Stacey Sawyer writes in an article on the website Green Flower athletes cannabis ointments aid applicants.

Hemp oil – skin health – Natural Cosmetics – So apart from skin blooming cannabis products in recent years due to the change in attitudes towards the plant, there is another product that has accompanied the market for many years and is now perhaps also for cannabis, a renewed recognition. This is hemp oil.

Hemp oil is a plant “brother” of cannabis – the plant used for making cloth, rope, paper and more. Hemp plant has an incredibly strong fibers and products produced from it are known for their high quality.

Hemp oil is extracted from seeds of the plant and is often used as cooking oil, but not at high temperatures, like olive oil. He is known for good taste and its excellent nutritional composition, including acids such as omega-3 concentration is relatively high and perfectly balanced nutrition ideal body. In fact, it contains acid composition very similar to fish oil.

Hemp oil, hemp products, in contrast, does not contain THC or contains minimal concentration of THC and therefore is sold in health food stores or food standard and does not need special permits.

Apart from the many nutritional benefits, the oil is also known as a great external skin care, just like the preparations of cannabis.

Fats that make up the oil very similar to fats that are naturally present in the skin and therefore serves creme moisturizing oil “efficient and effective dry skin, cracked sheet.

The hemp oil is known effective blood thinner and a balance of hormones that cause hormonal marks on the skin.

Hemp oil is an excellent treatment for skin rashes – it calms the skin, it injects moisture and tend to return it to a healthy appearance.

Hemp oil is rich in vitamins such as A and E, and also contains small amounts of essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium.

Hemp oil – skin health – Natural Cosmetics – The wonderful qualities of the oil are not new to the world of cosmetics and found that combined various oils, hair products, soap, sprays and more. It is also known as a psychotherapist effective acne, eczema, psoriasis (hemorrhoids)

Despite the worldwide oil sold at similar prices for olive oil in Israel is sold at a price of at least 4 times the world price. 250 ml bottle will cost 70 to 100 shekels, the price is certainly significant. The reason, according to the importers and distributors is that the oil is not produced in the country but imported from Canada and the United States. However, consumers who wish to acquire Hemp oil can also do so independently over the Internet directly from abroad and do not have to be dependent on Israeli marketers.

In summary, we have reviewed briefly the skin care products based on cannabis and hemp. You can quite easily impressed, like other cannabis products (oils, floral smoking, etc.) skin products also bring great news for patients, patients as well as healthy people who want to preserve and maintain health.

As in any field, even for these products some research here and there but it is certain that they have no negative effects and with very great therapeutic potential.

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