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Fitness and cannabis

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Fitness and cannabis

Fitness and cannabis

Fitness and cannabis

Fitness and cannabisFitness and cannabis: Many of us enjoy strenuous exercise, however, few of us have recognized the benefit of using marijuana to enhance the performance of the body, if you have not noticed it, get up off the couch, it’s time to put on their sneakers and go for a run! Cannabis combined exercise can increase the performance, lead to a high concentration and even enhance the sense of ‘Stella’. There are several reasons for this fascinating science, not quite wonderful in giving us the cannabis plant, but also intensifying physical attributes, between them we will start the endocannabinoid system and accelerate the burning of excess glucose stored in the body, if all this is new to you, read on! Enjoy!

Fitness and cannabis – Exercise strengthens the ‘Stella’

Sydney University study examined the impact of smoking cannabis on the body’s performance during exercise. This study found that people who participated in a regular exercise routine, 35 minutes after the consumption of marijuana were actually benefited from higher levels of THC, in order to get the best result, the study examined the effect of cannabis on people in a static state. It seems that people who do physical activity, smoking or other consumption of cannabis have been high levels in 15 percent of THC, meaning “Stella” is stronger. The human body stores fat tissue in the THC, when you exercise your body starts to digest / burn fat, this is in fact the direct cause broader effects of THC on training. So that when the body burns fat through exercise, small amounts of THC are released into the bloodstream, Stella “Of course accordingly.

Fitness and cannabis – Regular exercise boosts the activity of the endocannabinoid system

As you know, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining functional continuity and integrity of the various systems in the body. Endocannabinoid system enhances and corrects physiological functions such as appetite, pain and memory problems. When you exercise, this system releases cannabinoids to help the body cope with the stress of exercise.
Exercise as it is stimulating metabolism, as part of its accelerating its interaction with the cannabinoid compounds found naturally in the body, so that in fact cannabis consumption before exercise can be to double reinforcement, which will improve the quality of protection.

Fitness and cannabis: Empowering the meditative treatment

Many times people use sports and cannabis from that place, for psychotherapy, meditation. In both cases, the effect is felt, when we run we clean the head and concentrate on the pulse, and when we consume cannabis, we have to look deeply into the various aspects of life. What happens we try to combine the two activities together? Experiments indicate that cannabis may help us clear our minds, but more importantly, an effective concentration of cannabis, Yoga experts suggest that smoking a joint before exercise may help the alignment of the line between mind and body to improve the ability to listen and focus better.

Fitness and cannabis:  Balance blood sugar levels and accelerating the combustion of surplus sugar

A combination of cannabis and exercise may benefit the wishing to lose weight, according to a study of the magazine “American Journal of Medicine” People who consume cannabis on a regular basis with 16% less insulin in the blood and 17% less insulin resistance levels. What does it mean? It seems cannabis in combination with exercise and performs the same function is dealing with excess sugars. Insulin is important, but often not released positive cases, insulin is secreted as you know when you should of “overdose” of sugar, is secreted into the bloodstream in order to balance the sugar levels in the body. It can be said that more “overdoses” could cause a balance of blood sugar, which will strain the body and release more insulin into the bloodstream, which is not good at all! In cases where the sugar is stored in the body becomes excessive fat accumulated mostly in the abdomen and thighs, cannabis combined with physical activity causes rapid burning of the excess sugar.

Many professional athletes have used marijuana

If Michael Phelps smoked some cannabis and won a gold medal at the Olympics, it can not be that bad. Michael is considered the best swimmer of all time, a moment, but how he smoked cannabis? Yes it is the most decorated athlete in history, with 22 Olympic medals and is admitted to smoking cannabis. Current and former professional athletes consuming cannabis consumption in India during the years of their career. If therefore consumed it especially as a medicine or just to have a little fun and enjoyed the positive effect of the plant. Professional athletes, especially as football or basketball players embrace the body on a regular basis intensively, so that in order to remain ready to play it quite clear that they occasionally will need relaxation. Healing qualities which are cannabinoids may be valuable for athletes, the use of cannabis as part of routine physical activity can be a great idea for muscle therapy. You will notice the positive effects when assessing the “recovery time” after exercise, these times may make from time to time and minimal to significant physical consequences.

Fitness and cannabis – 5 reasons why you should practice after the Joint

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