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Epilepsy in children


Epilepsy in children


Epilepsy in children

Epilepsy in children – from a great diversity of types of diseases affecting children, the most difficult and terrible is epilepsy, or in epilepsy. This disease usually sorted in a number of ways. The source of the disease, seizure types, position the brain which created flutter, as part of distinct medical syndrome that can identify and by event causing seizures.
Epilepsy accompanied by seizures which are generated by electrical disturbances in the brain and is due to various factors such as flashing lights and sound and there are different types of seizures.
Since epilepsy is a disease and includes a wide range of factors that leave brain damage, medical and pharmaceutical world did not find a uniform method of treatment and sweeping to make life easier for patients.
In this article we will review some rare type of epilepsy that occurs in children and adolescents associated with epilepsy syndrome called feverish infection (Febrile Infection-Related Syndrome) or short FIRES.
Epilepsy in children – FIRES is a rare form of epilepsy that causes it are not clear. This condition usually occurs in children (aged rabbi school) suddenly develop seizures frequent (up to one hundred a day), within two weeks after a severe fever.
These treatments are very severe seizures treated with anti-seizure medications and require tough doping using anesthetics. This syndrome may be caused by inflammation or autoimmune mechanism (immune system itself comes from the individual), but has not substantiated this detail by research.
This disease begins almost completely fever or respiratory infection in areas of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. The next day to two weeks, then begin to seizures and soon they become more frequent and severe. Types of seizures are able to be the motor type simple (Simple Motor) such as distortion of the face, some complex (complex partial) space looks like (staring spells) and secondary generalized (grand mal seizures).
Under examination of the electroencephalogram (EEG (sensor network attached to the outside of the head and measuring electrical oscillations, which researchers translate brain waves), observed the activity of a number of epileptic foci in both cerebral hemispheres.
In all cases, the ads wanes, including the seizures.
Period of this serious step variable and can range from a few days to a few months. Two-thirds of all children with this syndrome will remain with severe brain damage and severe and almost all remain severe chronic epilepsy. [1]
Children Epilepsy Research conducted by a team of doctors with three children’s hospitals, Center for Victims of epilepsy and the University of Iowa conducted research in seven children from five centers, all of which suffer from FIRES.
The participants did not respond to antiepileptic drugs or other treatments for these and other stages of the disease and thus were given a solution of cannabidiol at doses up to 25 milligrams per kilogram of solvent per day (this is the amount allowed for use in testing by law).
The information gathered was MRI, EEG and amount of medication Hantiafiltiot given before and after the provision of the CBD.
Epilepsy in children – One patient wanted to stop the dosage by 15 mg per kilogram per day since and there has been a significant decrease in seizure him up to less than one week.
The rest of the participants received 20 milligrams per kilogram per day and left there by their reaction.
The results showed that treatment with CBD decline Graded burden of seizures, defined as a decrease in seizure frequency and / or continuation in six out of seven patients with two of the subjects had severe stage and five others had their chronic phase.
Two experimenters who were treated at the grave, each experiencing a lull epileptic condition, and the other died due to multisystem failure suspected of being linked to long exposure to the material Aisofloran (Isoflourane – (sold under the name Furan), is an anesthetic general. Medicine, (it can be next to other drugs and air or pure oxygen ).
The researchers noted that among these children, the child who showed response to treatment with CBD began the ketogenic diet (a diet based on fat consumption increased at the expense of carbohydrates), two weeks before the start of treatment.
The child who died experienced a seizure when he described them it caused only by the stimulus.
Experimenter who survived the severe stage showed a decrease of 100% in all types of seizures in four weeks. Nonetheless, there have been reports of seizures returned but the situation epilepsy.
The remaining five patients were treated in the chronic phase of the disease when treatment is not an option in the CBD or it was not available, were not documented seizure frequency averages them so the average set near the start of treatment.
Data were obtained impressive results recorded after four weeks and 48 weeks after. After four weeks, the average value decreased seizure of approximately -90.9% (with a deviation of 18.9%, up or down) and after 48 weeks of average dropped about 65.3% (with a deviation of 29.3%, up or down). Researchers saw that was a decline even more dramatic seizures non-serious (valid motor minor) and the value was approximately -99.6% (with a deviation of 5%) after four weeks and after 48 weeks, the value was 75% (with a deviation of 35.4%) . Generally specific seizures showed a decline. [2]
Epilepsy in children – Findings such as those stated in this article are encouraged, considering the durability of conventional antiepileptic drug FIRES and due to this disease mortality rate is approximately 20%. But much research is required in order to normalize the treatment of type Knbidiaol both because of the hasty nature in which the study was conducted, (patients in critical, open-label trial where they are aware of the type of treatment they are going to get), and because of the difficulty of explaining the mechanism employee recession relapse.



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