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Custom Cannabis for better treatment

Medical Marijuana

Custom Cannabis for better treatment

Custom Cannabis for better treatment

Custom Cannabis for better treatment

Custom Cannabis for better treatmentCustom Cannabis for better treatment – cannabis use is now common in most parts of the world and is part of the life of many people from different countries, but is not exclusive to the modern world. Since human song and harnessing of fire and tools to our needs, and established human civilization in settled near water sources while taking advantage of the animals and native vegetation. Records from different periods show that the culprit We harnessed the strengths of the hemp plant, which in turn changed us and ways of life.
Custom Cannabis for better treatment – the earliest vision is used by human cannabis was discovered in 1972 in an ancient burial site associated with China Chow dynasty (1122-249 BC). The discovery of pieces of cloth, bronze containers, weapons and pieces of emerald. Testing of Contents fabric showed that it may hemp (product of plant fibers), and thus made the discovery earliest to use the plant by the person. Apart from using the plant as a source of clothing and a variety of fabric products, evidence interwoven throughout Chinese history that the plant was used for the production of paper that was used as fuel for their craftsmanship and turn became a symbol of the growing power of the evil. but this was not over the role of this plant.
Custom cannabis – through stories and legends, history shows that the Chinese were fighting diseases not only by “magic”, but also by using flowers of the plant and thus harnessed it into their culture and ways of their own medicine. Over the years, the applications of the plant became more common across the region and expanded to Japan and India and eventually to the whole Western world. [1]
Custom Cannabis for better treatment  – While the ancient world groping in the dark and was used to knowing that is helpful but could not optimize its virtues, modern science has identified, classified, cheers and engineered new and varied ways of harnessing these wonderful properties of the hemp plant. While research and understanding of the elements on which we will elaborate, in the modern world can be customized to consume cannabis and treat the symptoms and diseases that relate to the individual.
Custom Cannabis for better treatment – The following are the most studied compounds that are proven link between them and cure them extremely sick:
CBD  (CBD) – known as the long Knabidiaol, is the most studied material which is isolated from the plant in the 30s and early 40s by Professor paid. Among its many, are material preventing nausea and vomiting, soothes and prevents anxiety and anti-psychotic effects, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. [2a]
THC (THC) – or Ttrhidoknabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that causes feelings of euphoria, relaxation, appetizing and causes a change in the different senses. Various studies also found that the compound helps numbness and pain helps prevent nausea and vomiting by binding to receptors CB 1 – and CB – 2 [2b, 2c]
CBD  (CBN) – also called Knabinol, created by the process of oxidation of THC, thereby creating material that is psychoactive weak and has an affinity receptors CB – 2. The result is that it acquires medicinal properties such special encourages sleep and helps fight Magalcom by lowering pressure in the eye. [2d, 2e]
THCV (THCV) – known as Tthidroknabioorin is homolog to THC (ie similar Bmbnihm), but differs due to group profile (propyl – three carbons surrounded hydrogens). Compared closest to him, THCV driven appetite and can be used not only as an assistant weight loss but also as battling diabetes. [2f]
CBJ (CBG) – the ancestor, Knabigrol is the starting material for most of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant. This compound is not psychoactive at all and it is larger concentrations than the hemp plant Cannabis strains of different richer in THC and CBD. From studies that have suggested that CBG may help in reducing ocular pressure and glaucoma created to reduce anxiety, a study in mice demonstrated that this substance helps in the war against enteritis. [2g]
Custom Cannabis for better treatment – as hinted before, a new field of alternative medicine in emerging and fulfilling what our ancestors learned since the dawn of humanity. The term cannabis custom sharpens and takes on new meaning with the progress of technology. While we know that these compounds help against various diseases, sophisticated laboratory tools help us identify existing elements and various plant species and quantity so that we can make use of cannabis in a controlled and well-educated. Smoking needs of cannabis strains are divided into three main groups; Indica, Sativa and Rodralis. When the indica plants user feels most soothing and weakly expressed in the body, type sativa plants give the user a feeling of euphoria and encourage laughter. Other differences are the physiology of the plants themselves and of course, the chemical composition. Sativa strains found a large amount of THC compared to CBD and indica strains found greater amounts of THC compared to CBD. Further hybrid varieties will create hybrids with different material compositions, structures and physiological growth and flowering times different. Rodralis type strains are in general have lower percentages of active ingredients grown in popularity thanks to the boom but which does not depend on their outstanding annual light. [3]
Custom Cannabis for better treatment – with the understanding that there are different varieties of different compounds, Cannabis Custom Match game makes it possible to put not only the appropriate type, but also the appropriate type user. For example, a person who is fighting diabetes, recommended him to consume the kind of Durban Poison (Durban Poison) due to the content of its high THCV. Another example, patients undergoing chemotherapy suffer from lack of appetite, physical weakness as well as depressed mood, and therefore appropriate for these patients typically made from cannabis rich in THC, which encourages appetite, but one of the plants richest in the world in THC is a Tutankhamun a percent performance of up to thirty-three. [4a, 4b]
Custom Cannabis for better treatment  There are different types of cannabis products, varieties and types so that each individual has the disease or illness can choose different custom cannabis to combat the limiting factors in his life. In the modern era of agricultural plant and how effective rapid expansion and allows the many people enjoy its many and wonderful.
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Custom Cannabis for better treatment


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