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CBD The wonder molecule


CBD The wonder molecule


CBD The wonder molecule

CBD The wonder molecule is a cannabinoid material found in the tiny hairs of the cannabis flower. As opposed to the famous cannabinoid CBD
No psychoactive effects. Cannabinoids may exist in cannabis, but they are also found in CBD, THC In the bodies of mammals, and together form the endocannabinoid system.
The endocannabinoid system is complex Cannabinoid neural receptors. Neural receptors are the chemical messenger of the brain, they translate neural-
Electric, chemical signal in the target cell, which may be another nerve cell, or a gland, a muscle, etc. System
The endocannabinoid takes part in many processes, including those related to mood, appetite, immune function,
Dissected mainly on the nervous system, CB1 reproduction, pain sensing, and sleep. Such as the first cannabinoid receptor
Mainly found in the immune system. CB2 and the second cannabinoid receptor
CANCD – Clinical cannabinoid deficiency
CBD The wonder molecule – A structure similar to that of cannabinoids produced by the body naturally, and indeed binds to those receptors. CBD
Some people may have an insufficient amount of these substances, and today it is thought that this deficiency is leading
To health problems such as migraines, irritable bowel and muscle fatigue (fibromyalgia).
Fibromyalgia, for example, is common Among 2-4% of the population, especially women. The disease is not clear enough for medicine today so it does not even exist
Diagnosis is performed according to the patient’s reports, and for many years many doctors did not believe it
In the existence of the disease. Fibromyalgia symptoms are many: chronic pain of the muscles and tissues that connect, at points
Specificity, recurrence among different patients, headaches, fatigue and sleep disturbances, irritable bowel syndrome, depressions and condition
A low wind. All of these symptoms correspond to the symptoms that are discovered in experiments where artificial deficits are created
In endocannabinoids. A lack of cannabinoid messages transmits an impairment of the entire system
Or other cannabinoids can be supplemented by a lack of this CBD relationship of various parts of the body with the brain. By consumption
And to improve the functioning of damaged physical systems, in the case of chronic migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia
And a series of other neurological or unexplained diseases.

CBD The wonder molecule

The Story of Charlotte-Charlotte’s web:
Charlotte Fiji was born in Colorado, USA in 2006 at normal weight.
At the age of three months, after a bath and as she changed her diaper, her eyes began to vibrate rapidly in what appeared to be an epileptic seizure. The attack lasted half
An hour later, the parents frightened Charlotte to the hospital, where extensive tests were conducted without any findings. For parents,
Matt and Paige, it was said that this was not an epileptic seizure but rather a one-time attack.
The family was sent to her house and a week later Charlotte suffered another fit, this time for a longer time.
Frequent attacks, two to four hours long, continued. Despite the propriety of the blood tests, one of the doctors said the diagnosis
The most serious of Charlotte’s condition is Darwa syndrome, a rare type of child epilepsy that is not given
For medication. The first seizures in patients with Derva syndrome are under 1 year old and their character worsens
After two years. Charlotte began to deteriorate cognitively. She was treated with a variety of drugs, some from mines,
And in any case the seizures continued to return.
At the age of two and a half she was diagnosed with Darwa syndrome and shortly afterwards began a kygogenic diet recommended for epileptic patients who did not respond to medication.
As part of this diet, Charlotte she ate a lot of fats and a little carbohydrate, but suffered from bone depletion and the deterioration of the immune system.
After the two years later the seizures returned.
Charlotte had about 300 seizures per week, so severe that she told lava times stopped and had to be resuscitated. She could no longer walk, talk or eat.
During one hospitalizations One of the doctors suggested putting Charlotte in an artificial coma to give her rest.
During his father’s internet research, Matt, about his daughter’s condition and treatment options, he discovered a video of his father
Low and concentrated THC A child with DVD in California who was effectively treated with a Cannabis strain with concentration
High. From there began the parent’s long and challenging process of finding two doctors who would sign the CBD
Charlotte’s prescription for medical marijuana, which was five at the time.
After a stubborn struggle, the parents succeeded for the production of CBD– and rich in THC-to obtain the approval from DER. Margaret Judd and Der.
Alan Schlefford and buy a poor breed at
Fat. After testing the lab, the parents gave Charlotte a small portion of the oil and discovered to their surprise that in the next hour
Charlotte did not have three or four of her usual attacks, and gave her another dose, which stopped the attacks.
Twice daily as part of meals, CBD for an additional hour, for another week.
Today Charlotte is six years old and is being treated with oil (about half a kilogram).
It has seizures of about 2-3 milligrams per pound of weightDuring the month, especially in her sleep, she went back to walking and even began to ride on her bicycle, eating on her own and
talking more and more. Charlotte’s “for Charlotte and patients like her, called” Realm of caring “every day. The cannabis strain grown by the association Web”
In the body, but it is effective in stopping the seizures that are characterized by the CBD should be accessible to patients who need them. CBD – in abnormal neural activity. The medicinal properties of the
We hope the world is more just and more widely used in cannabis and its active ingredients as needed.

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