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CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plant


CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plant


CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plant

CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantIs the CBD is the greatest secret of cannabis? In recent years more and more exposed to the concept of “CBD” But still it seems that he suffers from the darkness. While the effects of the THC’s obvious we all know, it seems that the CBD remains a mystery. Could be that the CBD is the greatest secret of cannabis? Where do we start investigating? Whereas studies have been done so far? What do we already know? What are the effects of the CBD as we know them today? And which treats diseases? In the next article you can say goodbye to all the question marks, enjoy.

What’s CBD and what are its effects
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plant
CBD or loosely translated – Knabidol (Cannabidiol) is the second main component and one hundred active cannabinoids currently available in the cannabis plant. Compared to his cannabinoid CBD remains the greatest mystery of the world of cannabis, however today we know that the CBD deploy protection to a large part attributed to the medical benefits of cannabis plants and other cannabinoid. To the CBD has no psychoactive effect (Mmstlt) and often is used as an anti-psychotic therapist with people with epilepsy and seizures and uncontrollable physical deformities other. In addition Lknabidol also attributed anti-inflammatory properties that help the body suppress existing infections and prevent future infections. All this leads us to understand that the presence of the CBD cannabis is not insignificant and it can be the answer for the treatment of various diseases. So the question is which treats diseases? All this in the next paragraph!
The benefits of CBD
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plant
One of the great secrets of the CBD is the ability to control the outcome according to different doses criteria to achieve the purpose of using exact. The CBD was first discovered in the 60s by Professor Raphael Mechoulam and is perceived as a source of hope for many patients. Today we know that many benefits to CBD, it is used as an anti-inflammatory, sedative and anesthetic pain and anti-nausea and vomiting, and a sweeping effect on the rest of the cannabinoids found in cannabis. We believe that over time, “the dark window” of the CBD will become brighter, everything possible for us now is to discover for ourselves the rest of the benefits it hides inside.
CBD which treats diseases?
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plant
Did you know that Israel is a tumor powers and the world’s largest research? Although it opposes the Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan medical cannabis export abroad. Estimates on revenue from exports amount to 200 million per year that can be very essential for the state coffers. As time goes by it seems that we are approaching a global giant strides in recognizing the importance of the use of cannabis as medicine, however, why cannabis is still not recognized as part of the formulary? In this case can not exclude high contact ‘interests “and pressure forces owners who fear the expansion of the phenomenon. They can not L”gzor coupon “or meet the use of users and as we already know – it all comes down to money.
You will find a wide variety of media studies confirm the effectiveness vast that cannabis on many diseases, we have gathered a few studies on the treatment of a variety of diseases CBD in particular the following:
CBD treats depression and anxiety
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantResearch shows that CBD reduces the activity of the limbic system activity Balance winner in humans with depression and anxiety.
The limbic system is actually affects the formation of new memories, connections between different brain memory bits are made from a combination of emotional states accompanying feelings and physical actions. Most external stimuli depression and anxiety patients are automatically linked to a particular emotion and thus fed feelings of sadness and fear. When this system becomes a “silent” or is in “pause” by CBD It allows the patient to get off mentally aware and opens the door to healing and to treat anxiety.
CBD treats schizophrenia 
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantBased on the findings of Prof. Raphael Mechoulam daily consumption of a large amount stands at $ 800 was equivalent efficacy routine medication for schizophrenia, cannabis unlike these drugs does not cause a host of severe side effects associated to these drugs.
When performing “blind study” in 42 acute paranoid schizophrenia patients examined the effects of cannabis and antipsychotic Amisolfrid, the results showed that the two drugs cause psychotic symptoms decline significantly, however, found that treatment with CBD eliminates side effects related to drug treatment Hamisolfrid. The CBD is stimulates appetite, regulates the proper functioning of the track Cortico-spinal charge of the motor system as well as higher levels of prolactin and estrogen in the blood, directly associated with the balanced levels of sex hormones and psychotic symptoms.
CBD addresses the post-trauma
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantPTSD or post traumatic stress disorder as most of us know it is a psychiatric disorder that develops following a traumatic event experienced a very difficult event can impact on both physical and mental level as well.
Post-trauma patients experiencing deep emotional anxiety that accompanies recurring memories of the traumatic event, stress often arises existing environmental stimuli and dream hard. In recent years, the question “How CBD can be effective in treating these patients?”, The answer is the effect that the CBD position on the limbic system of the human body, which among other things is also responsible for the ability to regulate emotions. When CBD consumption can be significantly reducing the activity of this system, which could result in easing PTSD symptoms.
CBD treat cancer
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantResearch has shown that CBD restores the immune system and kills the cancer cells, the CBD wrap receptor cancer cells and causes them to self-destruct altogether.
CBD ability to distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells, thereby it keeps the cells alive and healthy. Research conducted in California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco found that the CBD has a natural ability to stop the spread of metastasis of various cancers, among them also the most aggressive. The study determined that the CBD has the ability to shut down the activity of the gene responsible for replication of cancer cells, thus stopping the spread of cancer in the body.
CBD Defragmenter fractures and strengthens bones
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantBased on research at Tel Aviv University found that the CBD enhances and speeds up considerably the process of fusion of bone fractures, the research conducted on animals has shown that regular consumption of CBD strengthens the bones to the transformation more difficult to break.

CBD treats epilepsy
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantCBD known for its effectiveness as an anti-convulsive properties of being an anti-psychotic, thus helping to suppress seizures and convulsions in patients with epilepsy and reduces the frequency with which they reappear.

CBD treats generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantGeneralized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus is more severe form of epilepsy characterized by seizures, including seizures that are not visible and are accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature.
This syndrome is also called “generalized epilepsy” and it is developing in infancy and may worsen with age. These seizures Unlike other seizures are seizures that disrupt and hinder the recognition of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Existing evidence and findings suggest beneficial effects in treating the disease by consuming high-dose CBD.
CBD treats Crohn’s and Colitis
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantFrom a study of the Meir Medical Center in collaboration with the University of Tel Aviv impressive findings can be gleaned about the positive treatment of various intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
From a study which examined 30 people with this illness is that a significant improvement in 21 patients after regular treatment with CBD. The need for regular consumption of other periods decreased significantly and looks Slknabis does have beneficial impact on patients. It turned out that in the period without the use of cannabis greater number of patients underwent surgery compared to that consumed cannabis on a regular basis. Obviate the accuracy of 15 patients underwent 19 surgeries for an average of nine years before they consumed cannabis regularly while the average period of three years which became regular consumption of cannabis, only two patients out of every 15 patients tested once again required surgery.
CBD treats manic depression
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantTo THC has important role in treating diseases such as manic depression, is a vast improvement may lead to patients’ mood, but he can not do his job without the support of the CBD.
The CBD get a very important role in the treatment of manic depression and is known to have anti-psychotic effect that is necessary to balance the psychoactive effect of the THC received while consumption of high doses. Together they create a good mood and reduce symptoms such as delusions, obsessions and slow down the rapid change between different moods.
CBD treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantCBD provides relief for various symptoms of the disease, although it is not a substitute for drugs like steroids.
Regular use of CBD loosens the muscles and relieves the spasms that patients experience. This is actually the most significant relief allows patients to return to a healthier daily routine, to return back on your feet and use the muscles better. Many patients report that cannabis makes their deep sleep better and increase the pain often woke them every night.
CBD addresses the issues changed by regulating the cycles of wakefulness and sleep
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantAnother feature of the CBD is the ability to be a regulator alertness and sleep, low doses found that the CBD enhances alertness and in high doses it can be rather soporific and soothing.

CBD treats the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plantThe CBD extremely beneficial for Parkinson’s patients suffering from cognitive impairment and severe pain.
While there were not any conventional means for treating the cognitive decline experienced by patients with Parkinson’s fastest research shows that the miracle which the CBD can wait, is that the CBD prevents cognitive decline by preserving healthy cells and thus enhances the brain’s ability to recover and continue functioning properly.

CBD – The great secret of the cannabis plant

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