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Cannabis oil properties

Marijuana Oil

Cannabis oil properties


Cannabis oil properties

Cannabis oil propertiesCannabis oil is composed of active substance flower extract of cannabis, cannabinoids THC and CBD, have medicinal qualities, combined with the active ingredient in olive oil (extracted from the tree and an olive branch and he called Aolaorfain). Cannabis oil is designed to ease the pains of the body and is absorbed through the mucous membranes in the bloodstream. Although he is especially suitable for those who are not interested or able to consume the cannabinoids by smoking, but it is highly recommended also the rest who need medical marijuana, because it helps to avoid the chemicals and the fuel, that accompany the act of smoking, and therefore healthier.
Advantages of medical cannabis oil over medical cannabis are that the concentration of active ingredient higher oil; The impact resistance of the oil is for longer; How to use simple and immediate and does not require deployment Furthermore, you can rub it on the skin or drip it under the tongue.
There are a variety of different uses of cannabis oils, such as “Rick Simpson oil” (RSO), a high concentration of THC, and is intended for the treatment of cancer, or cannabis oil suitable for cooking.
Cannabis oil properties – Medical cannabis oil species are found in Israel
Green – the oil can be found in the green in three levels: Regular, Forte and the CBD. Green Cannabis oil contains a small amount of cannabinoids: Standard contains 1% to 3% THC Forte contains 4-6% THC; Whereas the CBD contains mainly CBD and THC little.
Black – concentrated cannabis oil with a large amount of cannabinoids.
Spread cannabis oil – This oil is used to treat allergies, skin diseases such as psoriasis and the like, and is used by spreading on the skin.
Cannabis oil properties – The use of options and the impact
Drizzle a controlled and measured – using drip absorption under the tongue achieve compliance. While taking a longer time to begin to feel the effects, but long term effect is better, and lasts about 4-6 hours. To achieve maximum impact the recommendation that a few drops, and assume and remain the same under the tongue for a few minutes, Try to avoid swallowing. Impact of oil could reach up to 6 hours. For comparison, the effect which is bought by smoking or vaporization, lasts an average of two hours.
Smearing – soothing and healing effect is achieved by smearing the affected area.
Cannabis oil properties – The law and procedure for approval of medical cannabis oil
Israeli Ministry of Health does not allow manufacturing companies to provide medical cannabis patients cannabis oil with a high concentration of active ingredient, such as oil RSO, where the percentage of THC may reach up to 90%. Therefore, patients who want it, are forced to make it on their own using medical cannabis flowers. However, the Ministry of Health allows the production and use of medical oils intended for consumption or flannel drip, with low levels of active ingredient.
Like cannabis oil use medical cannabis use depends on prescription, and is conditional upon receipt of approvals list defined by the Ministry of Health. The process of obtaining medical cannabis oil-making process is the same in any other cannabis, for patients to apply and wait for approval, and is designed for patients such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, chronic pain, AIDS or PTSD.
This medical cannabis providers resellers all types of cannabis products and is highly recommended in the case of medical cannabis oil as in the case of any other product, to drive intelligent consumer, test and compare multiple suppliers, the prices, the service, the terms of delivery and so on. Providers of cannabis are private companies, thus the patient can choose his supplier sees fit, and holds a license to use medical marijuana, can choose for himself the services of a provider to use, and if he is not satisfied, he can always switch to provide authorized another at will. Switching between carriers require filling in a form suitable for the intended purpose (Beyond Suspicion) as well as displaying source license, which must be submitted to the Ministry of Health to issue a new license, sent him to a new supplier.
Today Israel has 21 doctors who have the authority to license the use of medical cannabis, and a specialist can recommend the use of his patients, however, the recommendation requires the approval of the Ministry of Health. A doctor can help the patient get approval by filling out an electronic form suitable can be found on the Ministry of Health, and then send it via fax or e-mail according to details in the website of the Ministry of Health.
Today you can find more and more evidence of people who describe how the oil’s medicinal properties of medical help them deal with the disease and resulted in a complete cure. These observations often refer to serious diseases, such as cancer or psoriasis, so they receive much attention.

Cannabis oil properties

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