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Cannabis oil is used to treat infants

Marijuana Oil

Cannabis oil is used to treat infants


Cannabis oil is used to treat infants

Cannabis oil is used to treat infants – Both cannabis oil and Rick Simpson Oil come from the cannabis plant. But they are sourced from different strains. Cannabis oil has only trace amounts of THC or CBN, the elements that produce a high when heated.

Cannabis oil is used to treat infants – Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is processed to have high amounts of these and other elements. This oil is ingested or used topically, not burned. Patients using the oil do not experience a high. Even so, RSO is illegal to buy. Users of the oil must process it themselves. More information on RSO can be found at https://www.phoenixtearsfoundation.com/
Both oils have seen documented success curing seemingly incurable disease and disorders.

Cannabis oil is used to treat infants – Seizures:

There is an international drug trial using cannabis oil to treat seizures in children. The trial treats children age 2-14 by administering the oil to reduce or stop epileptic seizure. As of February 2016, there were 10 children from Texas in the study who suffer from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Children with this syndrome suffer up to 150 seizures per day.
Children of any age are susceptible to the effects of dangerous seizures. Amylea Faith Nuñez of Albuquerque, New Mexico was born December 7, 2015. She suffered dangerous seizures for two months before her parents could convince doctors at Children’s Hospital Colorado to allow the parents to administer the oil. Hospital staff may not handle the oil so her mother, Nicole Nuñez, administered the first dose from a tiny syringe.

While many are concerned by the precedence of administering cannabis oil to an infant, the risks of not doing so far outweighed the potential backlash. Treating with cannabis oil will save Amylea’s life where the pharmaceuticals being administered for two months could not. The latest report on Amylea’s GOFUNDME page shows she has improved beyond what the physician’s thought possible. Amylea has enjoyed weeks’ seizure free where she used to suffer every 30 minutes, with some lasting as long as 66 minutes.
For a clinical discussion of cannabis oil and epileptic seizures click here.

Cannabis oil is used to treat infants:

RSO became famous through the work of Rick Simpson. He cured his own skin cancer by applying the oil topically. He then supplied the oil to others suffering from various skin conditions and cancers.
In recent years, RSO is gaining traction in the medical community as a practical treatment for children with cancer. Dr. William Courtney, an alternative medicine practitioner in California, has seen success treating cancer with RSO. In 2013, Dr. William Courtney announced his youngest patient’s success at curing an inoperable brain tumor. The patient, an eight month old infant, received RSO twice a day. The oil was applied to the pacifier. The infant was cured at four months of treatment. By eight months of treatment, the infant’s brain had resumed normal architecture. By using RSO instead of traditional therapies, this infant will not sustain the after effects of traditional therapies, leading to a more normal life.
For more information on RSO and cancer, click here.
While cannabis oil and RSO are proving to be miracle medicines, it’s yet to be seen if or when the FDA will approve their widespread application.

Cannabis oil is used to treat infants

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