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Cannabis oil against cancer

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Cannabis oil against cancer


Cannabis oil against cancer


Cannabis oil against cancer – Many studies over the years have been able to prove the merits of the hemp plant in the war on cancer cell development. The way of treatment, symptoms, and research findings in the article below.

The origin of the cannabis plant, the researchers speculate, is in East Asia, and its use began at least 15,000 years ago, probably as a healing plant.
Annual plant of this family cannabaceae There are two main active substances (cannabinoids), THC and CBD.
To THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) usually indicate Drunkenness and alter consciousness,
Whereas the CBD (cannabidiol) mainly related to health effects to the immune system. Each of these works on receptors in the body.
The last two decades, many studies began to develop about the effects of cannabis on cancer. Beyond the treatment of symptoms such as nausea, pain, loss of appetite, depression, drooping of energy, anxiety, insomnia, etc. have begun to see a direct link between the use of cannabis and anti-cancer effects include the death of cancer cells and reducing the spread of metastasis.
Cannabis oil against cancer-  
Endocannabinoid system is a comprehensive system that is active in many models Biocmiim body responsible for maintaining Hhomastozis various systems including the central nervous system and peripheral, somatic cells, the circulatory system and immune system.
Rick Simpson made a significant breakthrough in the field when he applies himself with skin cancer and was able to heal itself using cannabis oil. He created a recipe for cannabis oil, which these days has been extensively studied and has been shown quite often very useful, and the American Anti-Drug Authority as well as the American Institute for Cancer Research have confirmed the assertion that this material can be a cure for cancer.
Cannabis oil against cancer
Cannabis oil is produced in principle by separating the resin from the flower using the extraction process, to reach levels of active ingredient (THC or CBD) are particularly high.
Do not confuse this oil and oil Hmp – which is also produced cannabis but contain minuscule amounts of THC and therefore considered illegal and food-on machine.
Please note this oil is banned in Israel by the Ministry of Health for fear of intermingling of the free market, even at the cost of life of many patients.
Cannabis oil against cancer – In 2006 in Spain, conducted a study head Dr. Manuel Guzman, who tested the oil on the treatment of brain cancer patients after conventional chemotherapy treatment has failed. For all patients Snbdko- in all tumor cell growth stopped, and there was a slight retreat.
It seems as if the arbitrator THC selectively cancer cells and destroy them, just like an arrow interception, while leaving other cells unharmed. It also has an adverse angiogenesis, which is responsible for the creation of blood vessels that feed the tumor.
An example of how cannabinoids can see the activity on prostate cancer has been shown in recent months through Dennis Hill, Biocmai the University of Houston, while working on medical research, and applies this disease.
On a selective membrane of cancer cells CB1 receptors found that THC can relate to them and cause the cell to start producing ceramide, which is responsible for monitoring activity in a cell that contains a lot of cell death and the planned offensive in the cell mitochondria, which is responsible for the production of energy. This causes the secretion of cytochrome c and oxidants intracellular space, until the cell stops functioning and dies.
Two cannabinoid that can function as an anti-cancer is in the CBD. The main work of the CBD is to disturb the retina Handoflsmtit found in the cancer cells, while keeping the Hhomastozis process and store the normal calcium in the cell, creating an excess of calcium in the cell cytoplasm, which usually lead to death.
Through the second act of the CBD is to accelerate the process Hafoftozis- planned cell death by breakdown of proteins and peptides in the cell until his death.
All these processes are unique to cancer cells and normal cells in the body do not hurt it.
Cannabis oil against cancer – Another example can be found by reviewing the research of Dr. Sean McAllister San Francisco, which examined the effects of a second active ingredient in the plant, CBD, found that he was unable to inhibit the development of lung cancer tumor and its derivatives, and the proliferation of cancer cells. He showed it done thanks to the teeth of gene expression ID-1, a protein that plays a key role in cancer cell growth.
This gene is active in the embryonic stage of human development, and then stops, but lung cancer and some other types of cancer, gene repeats again become active and cause malignant cells to become cancerous.
There are dozens of types of aggressive cancers that express themselves with this gene, and the use of the CBD can be an innovative breakthrough that will serve as a remedy against it.
This medication is a refreshing change which has turnover without chemicals, harmful substances, and the numerous side effects that usually accompany chemotherapy commonly used in these cases.
Cannabis oil for cancer –
McAllister’s lab is also investigating the combination of the CBD with accepted medical treatment to try to make the maximum impact with minimum possible harmful drugs.
Researchers at Saint George in London also noticed a similar pattern also with THC increases the effectiveness of the immune system against cancer cells Blokmih- development of leukemia. It was also found that regardless of the amount of Hknbinoaidim- ie fat Hknbinaodim as larger and more concentrated so that the activity of the drug is stronger.
Yet, despite the enormous potential in the plant it is believed that medical research regarding the operation of material in the context cancer is rather meager, and to unleash the full potential of this plant and reveal all its virtues has a deep understanding of the characteristics and varieties of cannabis different that they can have the possibility to fight The most devastating common disease in the western world today.
But there is optimism and believe that this industry very soon begin to flourish and the results will be very good in future.
Cannabis oil against cancer –
There is no doubt that there is in recent years an increasing trend worldwide positive about the approach to cannabis use, free use in general and health in particular, and some countries have already made it enshrined in law, including states in the US, and only hope that the more research and evidence, so will oil cannabis resonance worldwide greater emphasis on the aspect of medicinal properties.

Cannabis oil against cancer

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