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Bacteria produced by THC


Bacteria produced by THC


 Bacteria produced by THC

 Bacteria produced by THCBacteria produced by THC – Scientists have created a microorganism that produces THC
Researchers have revealed that they can genetically engineer yeast which is capable of producing the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Another similar process in which yeast to produce a change of morphine (Morphine), a new study shows how bacteria to different Microorganisms THC producer, known by its other name Cttrhidroknabinol.

Bacteria produced by THC –
With or THC, the team argues that engineered yeast for the production of another ingredient found in cannabis called Knabidiaol (CBD), although this work has not been published. Synthetic THC pill format is already used in the treatment of a variety of medical problems, such as symptom relief that suffer from AIDS patients and patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. This new process which produces bacteria THC, will make the production of THC for these applications more efficient, will also allow scientists to tune the Christian elements in it.

Bacteria produced by THC –
“It’s something that can be a literal change the lives of millions of people,” said Kevin Chen Mhiisint Bio (Kevin Chen, Hyasynth Bio), another company whose engineer yeast for the production of THC, the New York Times (New York Times). However, there are still some problems which must be overcome. Depending on the experiment conducted by scientists at the Technical University Dortmund (Technical University of Dortmund) that was published letters biotechnology (Biotechnology Letters), the yeast still have to enter molecules Frkorsor (microbiology, the stuff of other material chemical process) to produce THC and at this stage are not yet can work directly on the sugar, since this is less than ideal for the role of bacteria that produces THC.

Bacteria produced by THC –
The success comes after decades of solicitation of yeast engineered to produce a compound, along with the implementation of the rapid and inexpensive method of synthesizing DNA to figure out exactly what needed to encode genes for enzymes that process right will be effective. In the speech synthesizer observed enzyme derived from cannabis Sativa THC (Cannabis Sativa), a herbaceous plant which normally is used to produce the drug expressed successfully in two types of yeast. At this stage, teams of researchers together with a biotechnological engineering company, THC Pharm (THC Pharm), to raise the scale the process and make it to industrial, but they are not the aspirations of the only one. Plus Lhiisint bio, there are many other companies that are trying to achieve the same goal, a bacterium that produces THC for industrial mass production.

Bacteria produced by THC –
While others doubted the aim of producing the compound preservatives when the plant itself makes the process more efficiently with more than 30% of the dry mass of THC which is marijuana. The reason why it seems that the process produces battery THC can help to circumvent the strict European laws increase the hemp plant. If researchers can go about the process, it is hoped that it will be possible to perform additional modifications to the production of compounds found in cannabis and subsequent may be useful in medicine.

Bacteria produced by THC

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