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All you wanted to know about THC


All you wanted to know about THC

All you wanted to know about THC

All you wanted to know about THC

All you wanted to know about THCAll you wanted to know about THC – the most active ingredient in the cannabis plant – is the component responsible for psychoactive effects, THC
And the other active ingredients in the plant are found in thin hairs across the THC. Which are identified with the use of the plant
A direct role in the development or reproduction of the plant, so it is called the THC-flower metabolite, called mammals. There is no
secondary. Various plants, including cannabis, produce the secondary metabolites instead of an internal immune system,
As they are used to remove parasites, viruses, and other pests. The conceptual, cognitive changes
To appropriate receptors in the brain, are classified as psychoactive effects. Except for THC, which occur due to the attachment
There are also physical effects that include the release of hunger hormones and the stimulation of the metabolic system, a reduction of
Inflammatory activity by combined with the immune system, and more.

All you wanted to know about THC
– with our bodies studied for decades, and the first breakthrough occurred in 1964 THC – the interaction of the
And explain the structure of THC here in Israel by Prof. Raphael Meshulam, who first succeeded in isolating the THC
With our bodies in the brain. The activated areas are the THC-molecule. The focal points of thee
The hippocampus, the frontal lobe, and the cerebellum, as first discovered in the late 1980s in North Carolina,
The USA. These regions of the brain are responsible for memory, thinking, and movement, respectively, and there are called focal cells
Cannabinoids receptors that are part of the endocannabinoid system spread across all mammals.
The endocannabinoid system participates in various processes in the body, including appetite, pain-sensing, moods, memory.
In addition, the endocannabinoid system mediates the psychoactive effects of cannabis by attaching the
With cannabinoid receptors in the relevant brain regions, which ignites a series of THC chemical reactions
Leading to changes in behavior, perception, and physiological processes.

So effectively absorbed in our bodies is that these receptors are available to absorb a variety of natural cannabinoids THC – the reason why
If you will, it is a neurotransmitter called THC, which is produced in our bodies, when the central one understands them, the version of our bodies
Anandamide. Neurotransmitters are the chemical messenger of the brain. They translate an electrical-nerve signal into a chemical signal
In the target cell that can be in the muscle, gland, or another nerve. Where anandamide conductor consists of the word “Ananda”
In Sanskrit, which means happiness, and the chemical term “affluent.” Anandamide plays a role in the neurological production of
Motivation and satisfaction, and seems to be the mediator of the sense of transcendence during and after exercise. The Anandamide
Contained in chocolate, in the amount of one microgram per gram of cocoa. Effects of anandamide were also found
Related to forgetfulness. At every moment we absorb vast amounts of information from our surroundings, which must be “cleared” of consciousness.
Today they think that it may be the anandamide who is responsible for this evacuation and that the efficacy of cannabis therapy in my husband may be effective
PTSD is precisely related to these forgetting processes, forgetting the negative memories that float without
different from the anandamide for its effect: THC-course is not identical, eg THC-control. The Anandamide
It takes a long time for THC- while the anandamide begins to break down a few minutes after binding it to a specific cell
Different from that of the anandamide, although THC-in many, to several days, break down. Hence the functional function of e
They are the first THC – both of which bind to the same receptors. The significant receptors in interaction with anandamide
In the CB2 system, CB1 and CB1 receptor CB2 and CB2 are mainly present in the nervous system, and the second is called the CB2
Immune system.
with the cannabinoid receptors in the body-reduces inflammation, the effect THC has through the interaction of the THC
It is of great importance in the treatment of many diseases, including inflammatory autoimmune diseases, diseases resulting from deterioration
Creates the anti-inflammatory effects of THC-neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and even depression. The mechanisms in which the
Increases the production of a type of white blood cell called THC – is still being investigated, but one mechanism is suggested
Regulatory agencies, whose function is to restrain the immune system’s activity and thereby prevent the condition of the T-cell system
T-immune attacks the body itself. For example, in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the function of E-cells
The regulatory is not correct. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with cannabis report a reduction in pain
And the improvement in their condition, even withdrawal of the disease.
Is that they are not only helping THC – one of the most striking revelations of recent decades in the field of cannabis research
Treat the side effects of chemotherapy – nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite, but can actually attack
In THC cells cancer tumors cause them to trigger a process of self-dissolution. This process is activated by the
Cancer, so that such treatment can have extreme implications for the fight against cancer. It is important to note that
Entering a new solution like this is problematic for groups that benefit from the status quo, such as drug companies
Who earn capital every year from chemotherapy. Therefore, despite many experiments and evidence on the efficacy of treatment
Especially in the reduction and elimination of cancerous tumors, treatment is still not acceptable and not implemented, THC-cannabis in general
At the expense of patients who receive treatment that destroys their bodies.
And the other active substances in cannabis represent a huge medical and mental potential that, over the years, THC
And the heaps of evidence about the unique effects of cannabis on man are the subject of an increasing number of
Will become acceptable as needed for THC-studies. With the progress of the legislation in this field,
Treating patients as well as use for amusement.

All you wanted to know about THC


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