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Active ingredients in the cannabis plant

Medical Marijuana

Active ingredients in the cannabis plant

Active ingredients in the cannabis plant

Active ingredients in the cannabis plant

Active ingredients in the cannabis plantActive ingredients in the cannabis plant – The hemp plant is an annual plant species voodoo. The main use for humans is the recreational drug and medical needs.

Active ingredients in the cannabis plant- Cannabis is affected by the quality of the soil, irrigation, temperature and illumination, of course, the seasons. Active ingredients which are mainly medical uses of THC and CBD, which can be produced artificially part but giving up some of their traits For reasons unknown to us yet fully clarified. Therefore, the country still uses the plant itself. Marijuana identified 60 medically active substances (out of 460 active ingredients as a whole).
Plant two active substances affecting humans and many other materials interplay between them is still not clear to the medical world.
Out of more than 400 compounds found in cannabis, including more than 60 types of cannabinoids, the principal active ingredient is THC, and it creates the most intoxicating and medicinal effects of plants. THC There are also protective effects on nerve cells and thus prevents nerve damage to certain nerve toxins THC alone make a person become more sleepy and confused and mild to moderate effect in relieving pain, so cannabis can be used for pain relief. Pain release mechanism reflects the change in the release messenger central gray matter in the brain center and the dorsal root ganglion, located in the spine. Other effects include relaxation, visual and auditory change, change in sense of smell, fatigue and appetite stimulation. THC also has antiemetic properties and may also reduce aggression in certain cases.
Active ingredients in the cannabis plant – THC has a modulating effect on the immune system, which could have a major effect on malignant cells, but there is not enough scientific research to determine whether it could promote or limit the cause of cancer, but as noted two important statistical studies have shown no correlation (correlation) positive cancer cannabis consumption.
Active ingredients in the cannabis plant – Another active ingredient in the cannabis plant is the CBD.
CBD contrast to THC directly affects the physical sensations in the body. Many studies have yet examined the direct response of the material, but there is still no certainty about it.
As of today, are testing all over the world the potential of CBD in stopping tumor growth, for example. One study found that CBD can stop the spread of breast cancer in the body. Other studies have shown that CBD reduces anxiety.
Active ingredients in the cannabis plant – CBD is also an analgesic, relieves seizures, infections, anxiety, and nausea – quite a few patients suffering from medical cannabis patients and recommend the CBD rich strains Considerable evidence indicates improvement in terms of the actual feeling of patient pain intensity and frequency.
There are other materials plant in the medical world as of today still do not know all the effects including, for example:
Delta 8 and 9 – are the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.
Delta female plant and is identified as a component of displacement of marijuana and is useful as a preventive forgotten pain and nausea during chemotherapy for cancer .ac addition, it has disadvantages as disruption can distinguish differences in time and distance in space, vigilance, memory, and performance for mental work. Delta may cause unpleasant reactions such as disconnected thoughts, agitation, panic reactions, troubling changes in perception, hallucinations, and experiences Hzoiot. ciom effects of long term use of the material have not Brought us.
Tetra-Hydro-Knbinolim that are psychoactive substance and vasoconstrictor. Also known material Hfoflrari use drugs.
Active ingredients in the cannabis plant – The CBN (cannabidiol), is another active substance in the plant and is considered nature’s sleeping pill.
Common sense arising as a result of consumption of CBN tend drunkenness light, vertigo and confusion. In addition to easing the psychoactive effects, the CBN holds a unique profile of the medicinal properties and health benefits over himself and effective for the treatment of psoriasis and burns.
One of these benefits, which is the main reason why cannabis is widely used in sleep disorders (insomnia), is the calming influence and possession. Consumption of 2.5-5 mg of CBN would bring a relaxation effect similar to the effect we get consumption of 5-10 mg diazepam (diazepam), which is a prescription drug used primarily for calming anxiety and muscle relaxation.
Other materials to conduct research still are CBD1 and CBD2 and are now recognized as impacting directly on the brain.
Active ingredients in the cannabis plant – CB1 is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. They are present in many areas of the brain and play a role in memory, mood, sleep, appetite, pain sensation. CB2 are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of marijuana. They are immune cells and work to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is an immune response and is believed to be a factor in many diseases and conditions.




Active ingredients in the cannabis plant

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