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About Marijuana Oil – rick simpson oil and dry ginger root oil

Marijuana Oil Medical Marijuana success stories

About Marijuana Oil – rick simpson oil and dry ginger root oil


About Marijuana Oil – Oils of roots and seeds

MY PERSONAL STORY rick simpson oil and dry ginger root oil and hemp oil

In March of 2013, at the age of 47, I suddenly felt extreme pain whenever I needed to urinate.  I immediately went to my family doctor, who sent me directly to the emergency room.  I was told, after the initial examination, that I had severe colitis, an inflammation of the colon, and a fistula from the intestine to the bladder.  I was rushed into surgery and they cut 40% of my large intestine and 50% of my bladder.  I woke up in extreme pain, wires and tubes connected to me, and an 11 cm hole in my stomach
Four months later, in July of 2013, the doctors decided to perform another operation to see if they can improve the condition of the intestine.  This operation became complicated when my intestine became stuck, with a result of very high fever.  That same day, it was decided to operate again.  This time I woke after three days.  I was swollen like a balloon, connected to many tubes, and in addition to all this, I was nauseous and couldn’t eat by myself
Three months later, in October of 2013, I was released from the hospital.  While at home, for 5 months, I couldn’t get out of bed.  I had a vacuum-type machine, that was supposed to close the 11 cm. hole in my stomach.  I had to change pads every hour, received injections and antibiotics.  And all of this was accompanied by severe pain and the use of morphine all day long
In March of 2014, my fever went up to 41c, so I returned to the hospital and was diagnosed with hepatitis.  A CT showed a tumor in my biliary (bile) tract. A biopsy was done, and the results were another nightmare.  I was diagnosed with cholangio-carcinoma, also known as bile duct cancer, also known to be lethal
Along with the discovery of the tumor, also came more medical discussions and opinions on how to proceed.  These different opinions, led my brother and I to seek another opinion.  A close friend of mine recommended a doctor, who after examining my medical record, said that I should have the tumor removed.  The hospital that he works in can perform the surgery.  I immediately checked out of the hospital and checked into my new doctor’s hospital
I was then diagnosed with streptococcus pyogenic, which is a severe strep infection.  The removal of the tumor could not happen until the infection was gone.  It took a month to be rid of the infection
In April of 2014, the time arrived to perform the operation.  The doctors were very skeptical about the success of the surgery because this kind of cancer tends to have a secondary growth.  They said that if they would see that this is the case, they will not proceed with a useless operation.  The operation took 12 hours and as a result, they removed my gall bladder, 75 percent of my liver, parts of the duodenum, the pancreas and the small intestine.
Once again, when I woke after surgery, I experienced severe pain that continued for months.  All blood test results were abnormal for a person my age, and my thyroid gland showed increased activity.  The doctors explained that this is normal for a person who has been through this kind of operation.  Most of my body’s systems did not function properly or did not function at all. I’d been through a lot of pain and much suffering.  I was taking lots of morphine and nausea medicine on a daily basis
So after yet another 3 months in the hospital, I was released with a leaking drain in my stomach, a hernia in two places, and the 11 cm hole that I had from the first surgery
I felt like I was starring as the main actor in a horror movie.  The treatment at home was unbearable.  I could hardly stand up and walking just a few steps was the equilvalent of a military operaton for me.  My house became a small hospital.  I needed to change pads every hour; I had to empty the drainage constantly; and I used the vacuum machine to try to close the hole, with no success.  In addition to all of that, I had all kinds of fluids, iron, pain killers injected into me daily
In September of 2014, I returned to the hospital to start a 6 month plan of radiation treatment and chemotherapy.  After 3 months of chemotherapy, I was told that my immune system shows zero function.  The doctors wanted to continue the chemotherapy.  I began to understand my situation.  After a talk with the oncologist, I was released.  I thought that if I would continue the chemotherapy, I would die, so I would rather die at home
In January of 2015, I returned to the hospital for testing.  They replaced the drainage and told me it would continue leaking and that I had to get used to living like this.  The CT results came in 2 days after, showing a half of a cm shadow, that could be a tumor.  The said that there must be a biopsy, but a 12 hour operation, cannot be done in my situation.  When I asked what can be done, the response was ‘nothing we can do’
This was the sentence that made my will to live come back to me.  I was not giving up
A few days went by and I received a phone call that would change my life and guide me to a new understanding of unconventional medicine.  The woman introduced herself as a friend of a friend of mine and said “I have heard of your case and I want to help you” she continued with “I will send you a syringe with black oil and if you consume it for 3 months, I promise that you will feel better and that half cm shadow that they see on the CT will disappear”.  When I asked what this oil is, she replied “cannabis oil”.  This was the crack in the window that opened a wide hope for me.  All the doctors said nothing can be done and suddenly, I had hope
Treating myself with cannabis oil, hemp oil and other plants and roots oils
I started to consume the cannabis oil.  Every day, I would consume a gram of oil, even though I was told that a gram should last 3 days.  In the meantime, I began my Internet research and reading about it.  I learned the advantages of the cannabis plant.  I started to mix the cannabis oil with hemp oil (half a gram of cannabis oil with a spoon of hemp oil) twice a day
After only 14 days of treatment, I noticed that the leaking from the drainage in my stomach stopped.  It was the first sign that I was doing something good for my body.  It gave me the hope to keep fighting.  I told myself that I must continue with the oil treatment.  I went to the hospital and they removed my drainage, and for the first time in two years, I could live without it.  Another 2 weeks passed, and I noticed the hole starting to close (for the first time in two years, there was a change).  I continued to consume the cannabis and hemp oil, along with a diet of fruits and vegetables
In May of 2015, another CT showed that the shadow still remains in the liver, at the same size and place. I decided to continue using the oils, but to take 4 times the amount that I’d been taking (8 times a day).  After a month, I noticed the pain reduction and my nausea was almost a thing of the past, and that I’d started to walk a bit by myself
I started to run low on money.  The cannabis oil is very expensive, and due to the amounts that I was taking, I was left with almost no money.  I decided that I would extract oils from different plants and roots that are known to have an effect on cancer.  First I made ginger oil and mixed it with cannabis and hemp oils.  Then I started to make very concentrated oils from Curcumin (turmeric or saffron), chia seeds and pomegranate seeds.  I found out by experimenting on myself, that these oils combined have a good effect and increase their function
In August of 2015, I had an MRI, which showed that the shadow that was in the liver, was gone.  I could not be happier.  I knew I was on the right track.  I had to keep investigating these oils.  I loaned some money from a friend to buy more cannabis oil and to keep producing my own oils.  I started to make the five oils mix and used it daily (reduced the amount to once a day).  After some time, all my blood work returned to normal numbers
In the following weeks and months, friends and relatives who heard what I had been through, started to ask for the 5 oils treatment.  A friend with an inflammation of the gums, reported that after one day, it was gone.  A friend who suffered from bronchitis reported major improvement.  More and more people who began consuming the five oils mix reported improvements in various problems – skin, hair, sugar levels and improved blood test results
In April of 2017, I received bad news from a blood test.  Two of the measures were showing the existence of a tumor.  I was scheduled to have a PET CT in the following months.  I was very frightened at what the results would be, and decided to triple the amount of oil and hope for the best.  The results from the PET CT came back after a few days and showed that my body was clean of any tumor
What happened to me in the last few years led me to realize that the five oils have a beneficial effect on the human body, treating various problems:
.infections, cancer, wounds, sugar levels
.This is my personal story- years of pain and suffering, led me to the conclusion that these oils can make a difference, offer hope and above all save lives
.This site was made with the purpose of giving information that can save lives
.These days I am making a limited number of the five oils mix
About Marijuana Oil – rick simpson oil and dry ginger root oil – gingerol sugol thc & cbd
to purchase the 5 oil’s


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